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The Downtown Long Beach Alliance is thrilled to announce the winners of our annual DTLB Unfiltered photo contest. This contest is a celebration of the remarkable beauty, diversity, and vibrancy of Downtown Long Beach, as captured through the lenses of talented photographers of all levels of experience.

In partnership with the Arts Council for Long Beach, who organized the panel of judges, each entry was meticulously evaluated, taking into consideration creativity, composition, and the ability to convey the essence of Downtown Long Beach.

Viewing Instructions: Click the photos below to enlarge their view. Each photo also has a caption including the category it won for, the submitting photographer and the photo’s title.


💃 ‘People, Places & Events’ – By Victor Ladd “Morning”

🏙️ ‘Skyline & Architecture’ – By Eric Benson “Untitled”

🐾 ‘Flora & Fauna’ – By Cielo Roth-Calderon “Tree Top Crow”

🛍️ ‘Shop Small’ – By Ariel James Odvina “Risu Nighlights”

🍔 ‘Food & Drink’ – By Roberto Carlos Lemus “Hispanic Heritage Month”

🌞 ‘Outside the Frame’ – By Alyson Crone “Nice to LBC You Again”


💃 ‘People, Places & Events’ – By Bob Ring “The quiet(er) side of Pine

🏙️ ‘Skyline & Architecture’ – By Casey Crissman “Sherbert Sunset”

🐾 ‘Flora & Fauna’ – By Vineece R. Whitener “A peek behind the leaves of a tree”

🛍️ ‘Shop Small’ – By Leo Gift “Shop Local”

🍔 ‘Food & Drink’ – By Laura Marin “Green Curry Risotto Deliciousness!”

🌞 ‘Outside the Frame’ – By Lauren Benson “Inside the Fast Lane”


💃 ‘People, Places & Events’ – By Michael Gonzales “Serene Walk Along the Waterfront”

🏙️ ‘Skyline & Architecture’ – By Victor Ladd “Sunset Reflection”

🐾 ‘Flora & Fauna’ – By Ariel James Odvina “Early Bird Gets the Worm”

🛍️ ‘Shop Small’ – By Dorian Bonner “Foliage”

🍔 ‘Food & Drink’ – By Kris Rodriguez “Old Fashioned”

🌞 ‘Outside the Frame’ – By Lauren Benson “Tower Fans”


Take a moment to review the many categories our Downtown photographers competed in!

💃 ‘People, Places & Events’ – Capture the heartbeat of Downtown. Get ready to capture the vibrant heartbeat of Downtown Long Beach! Our ‘People, Places, and Events’ category invites you to freeze moments of pure joy and excitement as people immerse themselves in the diverse tapestry of our bustling city. Whether it’s a captivating event, a lively street scene, or individuals reveling in the beauty of iconic places, this category celebrates the heartwarming and unforgettable moments that make Long Beach truly special. So, grab your camera and join us in showcasing the dynamic spirit of this community through your lens!

🏙️ ‘Skyline & Architecture’ – Frame the city’s iconic structures. Discover the artistry in Long Beach’s skyline and architecture! Showcase the city’s striking structures, from towering skyscrapers to hidden gems. Your lens, your perspective – bring our urban landscape to life in this category!

🐾 ‘Flora & Fauna’ – Showcase the beauty of our furry, feathered, and floral friends. Embrace the wild and wonderful! Our “Flora & Fauna’’ category invites you to capture the beauty and charm of Long Beach’s furry, feathered, and floral inhabitants. From playful pets to fascinating urban wildlife and the vibrant greenery that surrounds them, let your lens bring their stories to life. Get ready to share the joy and wonder of our animal friends, as well as the enchanting world of flora, in this delightful category!

🛍️ ‘Shop Small’ – Shine a spotlight on DTLB’s fantastic local businesses. Supporting our local gems! In the ‘Shop Small’ category, we celebrate the heart and soul of Downtown Long Beach – its small businesses. Use your lens to showcase the uniqueness, passion, and creativity that these local establishments bring to our community. From cozy coffee shops to charming boutiques, capture the spirit of entrepreneurship and the vibrant tapestry of our downtown small business scene. Let’s shine a spotlight on their stories through your photography!

🍔 ‘Food & Drink’ – Tantalize our taste buds with mouthwatering delights. Savor the flavor of Downtown Long Beach! In the ‘Food & Drink’ category, we invite you to tantalize your taste buds with your lens. Capture the mouthwatering dishes and thirst-quenching drinks served up by our local eateries. From delectable bites to creative cocktails, share your culinary adventures and showcase the delectable offerings of our downtown dining scene. Bon appétit and cheers to celebrating the foodie delights of Long Beach!

🌞 ‘Outside the Frame’ – Embrace the beauty of all seasons beyond fall (photos in and/or of Downtown taken at any point from January through September 2023). Breaking the boundaries of time! Introducing our new ‘Outside the Frame’ special category, where we embrace the full spectrum of seasons in Downtown Long Beach. While our main competition captures the vibrant hues of autumn from photos from Oct. 1 – 22, this category takes you on a journey through all the seasons, from the crisp views from winter to the vibrant blooms of spring, the sun-soaked days of summer, and everything in between. This category allows for a visual adventure through the changing tapestry of our city, reminding us that beauty knows no bounds. So, dig into your archives and transport us to moments that danced ‘outside the frame’ between January 1, 2023, and September 30, 2023.