Downtown Long Beach

DLBA Departments: We’ll Show the Way.

Charged with managing Downtown Long Beach’s improvement districts, the DLBA is a non-profit organization committed to improving and promoting Downtown Long Beach through a wide range of programs and services that include advocacy, capital improvements, beautification projects, economic development, clean and safe, special events, marketing and communications.


Working closely with Downtown stakeholder to learn what best serves the community, the DLBA is able to establish platforms and act as an advocate for the Downtown.

  • Jessica Bierd

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Kraig Kojian

    President & CEO

  • Melissa Wilson

    Executive Assistant

Economic Development and Research

The Economic Development Department guides, and increases investment in Downtown Long Beach through various business recruitment, retention, and expansion programs.

  • Adam Carrillo

    Economic Development Manager

  • Austin Metoyer

    Research & Policy Manager

Public Realm

Public Realm identifies and oversees projects that improve the physical environment within Downtown. Through a combination of DLBA and community led projects, the DLBA works to develop a safe and invite Downtown.

  • Sean Warner

    Placemaking Manager

Operations, Clean & Safe

Maintaining a clean safe and secure Downtown is integral to the DLBA’s mission and to the quality of life in Downtown.

  • Steve Be Cotte

    Community Outreach Manager

  • Broc Coward


Marketing & Communications

Managing a wide range of marketing, communications, and promotional activities, the DLBA’s Marketing and Communications Committee raises awareness, drives consumer spending, and enhances the overall image of Downtown Long Beach.

  • Crystal Angulo

    Event and Development Manager

  • Christina Mancebo

    Marketing & Communications Manager