It’s safe to say that DLBA Board Member Ashley Chiddick is fully invested in the betterment of Downtown Long Beach. A Downtown homeowner, Chiddick serves on DLBA’s Economic Development Committee and its Marketing and Communications Committee, in addition to her Board duties.

“I recently got married and moved from Washington, D.C. to Downtown Long Beach,” Chiddick explained. “As a new resident, I’m eager to get involved and learn as much as possible about my new city.

“I’ve always believed in public service and taking care of my community, especially on a grassroots level,” Chiddick continued. “As a Downtown homeowner, I’m proud and excited for the growth I see every day. I also feel that my background in all levels of government and public policy prepares me for the type of local challenges that a city typically faces.”

Chiddick currently works in the Information Technology field, overseeing program and project managers while ensuring the successful delivery of government technology contracts. She also owns a consulting firm, Capitol A, LLC, which partners with large and small businesses on policy development, securing government funding and contracts, and program management.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Chiddick and her family moved to Louisiana when she was in high school. She remained in the state to earn both a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge. “I have deep family roots in Louisiana,” Chiddick told us, “but when it comes to football I cheer for the Cowboys and not the Saints.”

Chiddick relocated to Washington, D.C., got married, and made the move to Long Beach, where she soon became immersed in DLBA activities.

“Shortly after moving here, I found the DLBA Strategic Plan and quickly grew excited for the future,” she said. “As a Board Member, I want to be a part of the team that continues to accomplish the goals of the plan, and work to ensure they are maintained. I believe we can have healthy growth that supports our restaurants, housing, entertainment, shopping, business, safety, and our parks and beaches, all while preserving the local charm of Long Beach that our mom-and-pop stores provide.”

Committee work also keeps Chiddick’s to-do list lengthy; She and her fellow Marketing and Communications Committee Members are constantly working on new ways to reach Downtown residents. Chiddick mentioned as an example the new interactive maps located throughout Downtown that highlight local restaurants and encourage folks to “Dine Out DTLB.” Recent activity on the Economic Development Committee front includes approved funding for finalists of the Women-Owned Business Accelerator Grant.

“I encourage all Downtown stakeholders to become involved in a few ways,” said Chiddick. “Number One: Follow the DLBA on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). This is a great way to find out about events and local initiatives. Number Two: Participate in DLBA sponsored events. These events are developed with the public in mind, and the goal is to bring the community together while creating a thriving Downtown. Number Three: Volunteer! The Board and its Committees offer several opportunities to volunteer and serve our community. You can reach out to the DLBA or stop by the office.”

Chiddick, a self-professed foodie, often finds herself strolling around Downtown’s restaurants and shops during her down time. “I love exploring the city and taking advantage of what’s happening in the neighborhood,” she said. “This includes a day at the beach with my family or a fun night of  ‘Paint and Sip,’ which is an event routinely hosted in Downtown by my fellow Southern University alumnus and local artist, Alex Wade (www.goodfolksgallery.com).”