Board Member Shane Young has his hand on the pulse of Downtown real estate development. He is Managing Partner of the commercial real estate investment, sales, and advisory company Young Lewin Advisors, located in the heart of Downtown on Pine Avenue. His company closes over $100 million in sales annually, with many of those transactions on properties in and around Downtown.

“We, our clients, and our investors are committed to Downtown so that it continues to grow and flourish,” said Young, who also serves on the DLBA Economic Development programming committee. “Long Beach is the seventh largest city in California, and one of three California cities with an urban core on the waterfront. Having the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of such a unique place is awesome.

“I know the returning Board members have been working hard through some tumultuous times to increase outreach and educate the public on how DBLA can be of service to our local businesses and residents,” Young continued. “As a Board Member, I am working with the rest of the team to provide unique perspectives and creative solutions for local residents and business operators.”

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A Long Beach native, Young attended St. Joseph’s Elementary school on the east side of town, and went on to graduate from St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower. He stayed local for college, earning his bachelor’s degree in marketing from California State University, Long Beach.

As he began to develop his own business, Young became attracted to Downtown. “Downtown is a dense and vibrant community that is eager to maintain its positive trajectory,” he said. “Downtown is pro development, has great walkability, attracts engaging storefronts, and is an advocate of the arts.”

Young noted the various ways DLBA assists Downtown businesses, such as guidance with permitting and entitlement processes, analyzing and sharing data relevant to future and existing businesses, business development coaching, technical assistance workshops, access to grants and loans, and grand opening assistance.

“With DLBA, there is the opportunity for various forms of educational and monetary assistance, and there’s also some intangibles,” Young said. “Any local stakeholder will benefit from just becoming involved with DLBA. If someone is living or doing business in Downtown, there is no reason to not be involved because the Board welcomes public feedback.”

Photo Credit JoySailing.com

Young’s favorite off-work pursuit is competitive sailing. “Long Beach is one of the best (if not the best) sailing venues in America,” he said. “Consistent westerly winds combined with flat water make our harbor one of the best. I am beyond grateful that my parents got me into sailing at a young age!”