In partnership with Mental Health America (MHA) Village, Alleybusters is a program designed to help those who have experienced mental illness get on the path to full-time employment.

While the alleys of DTLB are being “busted” (cleared and cleaned), the hard-working MHA members on the Alleybusters team are empowered through employment.

Alleybusters began in April 2017, with the alleys in the Willmore area. It’s been a great success with three or four MHA members working each week to improve DTLB’s alleys by cleaning up garbage, weeds, and removing obstructions. The team removes mattresses, furniture, remnants of vehicles like car fenders, TVs, and more. The DLBA’s Clean Team works in conjunction with the City of Long Beach’s Public Works department to dispose of these bulk items properly each week.

For more information about Alleybusters, please contact Steve Be Cotte at (562) 436-4259