As the needs of businesses continue to evolve, the places where businesses conduct their day-to-day continues to evolve as well. With the rise of coworking spaces, there are more options than ever before for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and businesses that need a temporary location or an accessible remote office. These coworking spaces provide an opportunity for some who may not normally have access to affordable office locations, and this is an impactful consequence of these types of workspaces.

CommonGrounds, a coworking service, recently opened its doors at 145 Broadway in Downtown. Its pitch – that it’ll “take care of cultivating the space and culture so you can focus on your business.” And with some top of the line amenities including its own Italian café, INVITA, there’s nothing “common” about CommonGrounds! Boasting being both corporate and enterprise enable-ready and enterprise-grade with a product that provides a modular design to flex up and down during growth cycles of business, CommonGrounds offers businesses a one-stop shop. Additionally, CommonGrounds presents a quality sound and acoustic environment due to its unique double-glazed glass and wall system. Taking it a step further on the business networking level, some trending benefits CommonGrounds has witnessed due to its space design is the fostering of inspiration and collaboration between businesses. Members have been known to end up working together and supporting one another; some mentoring each other and serving as sounding boards.

As a workplace and service company, CommonGrounds presently operates in four locations with an aggressive growth model in place to achieve hundreds of locations throughout the country over the next few years. Downtown Long Beach (DTLB) was identified as one of the early launch locations, as CommonGrounds understands that DTLB isn’t just some ordinary business district. As a location, DTLB “has an existing community that provides neighborhoods with access to restaurants, hotels, and community services,” stated Jacob Bates, Executive Director and COO of CommonGrounds. All things that businesses find desirable for work locations and that CommonGrounds is able to leverage to attract members.

Furthermore, CommonGrounds recognizes the character and diversity of DTLB and aims to be a contributing factor to both, including positioning itself as a partner in helping to foster continued positive growth and change. CommonGrounds is currently working with a number of large corporate and enterprise users, and these businesses are looking at Long Beach. Jacob expressed that, “bringing that innovation into Long Beach can be massive.” Jacob also conveyed that some key influences for selecting DTLB are due to “lots of growth happening such as the Civic Center, a lot of redevelopment, as well as a lot of people moving into the area, and the rejuvenation occurring.” And he further stated that “CommonGrounds wants to be a part of that journey and adventure.”

Overall, CommonGrounds envisions its role as one to participate in “enriching the community and supporting; giving back in return,” stated Jacob. The workspace is not meant to be “a closed space with our members [siloed], because it’s important how we engage the community around us.”

To schedule a tour or find out more about CommonGrounds Long Beach, visit https://cgworkspace.com/locations/downtown-long-beach or stop by and ask for Cody Pospisil, Operations Manager, or Aly Cane, Community Manager.