In an effort to keep Downtown residents, business and commercial property owners well informed on the impacts of large-scale projects, the DLBA would like to address some of the questions, concerns and conflicting statements surrounding the sale of 350 Pine Ave property, also formerly known as the Vault 350.

The property was recently sold to Antioch Church of Long Beach, where Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. will make it their new home.

What is the planned use for the 350 Pine Ave property?
The Antioch Church proposal involves a mix of uses including a full-service church with worship, counseling, fellowship, and other uses and spaces, as well as performance space. The design of these improvements is such that spaces may be used for religious use at times and for general performance and entertainment uses at other times. No request for alcohol has been made and none is expected to be requested.

What is the process for approval for the new use of 350 Pine Ave property?
The property seeks City of Long Beach approval of a plan-check request, as well as a request for a minor Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Are there any restrictions on the issuance of additional entertainment permits for existing and/or potential new businesses in the area?
Approval of the Antioch Church facility will have no impact on the ability of other Downtown properties to develop or obtain use permissions. Antioch is not “consuming” any restricted number of entertainment permits, and their operation does not involve the issuance of any ABC license or local alcohol approval.

Are there any restrictions on the issuance of additional Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) licenses for existing and/or potential new businesses in the area, particularly as it relates to the proximity of a business or a church?
Through the Downtown Plan, the City recognizes that urban downtowns are different and therefore, does not apply rules relating to the proximity of schools, church or other rules in downtown. If a use was to be protested, they may look at proximity to a church. However, it is likely they will focus solely on adjacencies. Currently, the adjacent businesses include the building with Hamburger Mary’s which already has an alcohol license and predates the church, the parking structure and
building with Wing Stop, which has a license as well. It is the understanding of the City that ABC would likely follow similar guidelines as the City in this respect.

We hope this information helps to address some of the concerns that we have heard from community members, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

Moreover, we look forward to working with the Antioch Church and its congregation to continue to build on the positive momentum our Downtown is experiencing. We are confident that Pastor Chaney Jr. and his team will be a great addition to Downtown and bring new energy to the corner of Pine Ave and 4th Street.