The music just died a little in Long Beach, Joshua.

That’s deeply ironic considering just this past weekend, you brought more music to this city than arguably anyone previously had in quite some time. Then again, you were always one of those spirits for which music was made; one of those rare creatures that exuded the chords and melodies that make life less burdensome, less cynical.

Naturally, when we saw you create our first Live After 5 show, shoved into the underbelly of the Federal Bar in DTLB, we were in awe. And for every second Thursday after that, month after month, our routine soon required to continually remind ourselves how lucky we were to be working together with such an astounding Artist.

And we mean Artist with the full gravity of the word. Artist with a Capital A.

The kind of Artist who continually dreamt of big things for Long Beach; the kind of things that make Long Beach a music-centric heaven. The class of Artist that drums up ideas like bringing the local symphony to a rooftop to cover The Beatles’ Let It Be. The type of Artist that takes on everything from Pink Floyd to Danny Elfman to Hedwig. The category of Artist that can be as frustrating as he can be inspiring, as opinionated and bold as he can be loving and flexible.

Most of all, perhaps, is just the fact that you are a true lover of this city. Long Beach was the place you put your entire investment—emotionally, economically, and tirelessly into. It wasn’t just your home but your heart; this place, filled with its misfits and dreamers and undesirables, was precisely what you needed to keep your values and your dreams alive.

Even beyond this fragile and sublime thing we call life.

We know you’re still rockin’ on, brother. Only now, you got Prince as your headliner.

Much love and peace, The DLBA Family.