What can we say? We’re both proud and blushing.

The International Downtown Association (IDA) recognized The Loop in DTLB today at its annual conference in Atlanta. The project was headed by the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) and has transformed a once-inaccessible piece of park space into a new urban hangout and event venue through a partnership with the City of Long Beach, former Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal.

Dubbed the Pinnacle Award in Public Space, it marks the highest level of recognition that IDA provides and includes only projects that the Awards Committee identifies as exceeding expectations in the areas of innovation, representation and sustainability.

“Beyond the aesthetic qualities of The Loop and the ambiance it has created, the true beauty of this project is the communal nature it represents,” said Kraig Kojian, DLBA President and CEO. “We reimagined this public space that was boarded up for nearly three decades and became inspired when we were told that renovating it was not feasible. We immediately and proactively sought our community partners to make this change and to provide the public a place they could use, enjoy, and explore.”

The Loop—part art installation, part event space designed by Stereo.Bot, Gensler, and Valley Crest—is entirely devoted to the public sphere. Since opening earlier this year, The Loop has brought much-needed activation to the 7,700 sq. ft. space that had been dormant after the Jergins Trust Building, which previously occupied the property, was demolished in 1985.

Though temporary until the property adjacent to it is fully developed, the structure itself is moveable. Therefore, after its tenure at Pine and Ocean Blvd., it will become a part of another neighborhood in need of activation.

DLBA will oversee the installation and construction of the project and also lead the charge to activate it with events, programming and management following its opening.

For more information, please visit: www.theloopdtlb.com