It’s a great feeling, putting on a freshly cleaned dress or sport coat, made even greater when no toxic chemicals are involved in the cleaning process.  

Sunshine Organic Cleaners, on Magnolia Avenue directly across the street from the courthouse building, is riding the new wave of toxin-free garment cleaning services, utilizing only highly purified soft water and true organic soaps as its cleaning agents.  Open since August of 2018, the full-service shop is attracting a strong local clientele.

The Puri family, which owns and operates the shop, has received zero complaints about shrinkage, and in fact has been complimented often on the post-wash softness of washables ranging from high-quality formal wear to wool sweaters and bedding.  

Conventional “dry” cleaning is not dry:  Garments are immersed and cleaned in chemical solvents, most often “PERC”—Perchloroethylene. Though California requires the phasing out of PERC equipment by 2023, the Puri family’s commitment to going green has operating benefits as well.  In contrast to a conventional dry cleaners, which must establish a HAZMAT account to properly dispose of its post-wash chemicals, Sunshine Cleaners has been approved by the City to dispose of its post-wash runoff directly into the sewer.

The Puri family, originally from India, has made Long Beach its home for 25 years.  The family developed its organic sensibility while running an organic market in the city for several years.  

“We think Long Beach is a great city,” said the Puris.  “Very cosmopolitan. It’s got a great blend of people and a lot of activities.  We wanted to do something healthy for the town, and for our employees.”

At Sunshine Cleaners, garments are washed in a state-of-the-art Yamamoto computerized washer, which can be calibrated to provide the perfect water temperature, wash duration and agitation for every category of washable.  The Puris also invested in the very latest pressers and dryers—including body-shaped, computerized dryers which detect the size and shape of the garment, inflate to the correct size and dry it gently from the inside.

Sunshine Cleaners offers Wash and Fold service with free pick-up and delivery. Appointments for this service can be made through an app available at the App Store.  Alterations can be done on-site, and same-day service is available as well. Free, validated parking is offered, in the guest lot of the Gallery 421 building, where the shop is located.  Additionally, Sunshine Organic Cleaners offers a 30% discount for any City of Long Beach employee. For more information visit their website https://www.sunshineorganiccleaners.com/.

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Address: 421 W. Broadway, Suite 920
Long Beach, CA 90802 (Directly across the Court House)

Phone: 562-349-0990