When Hooch, an app that grants users one free drink per day at a variety of bars and restaurants, launched their Los Angeles market early last year, they didn’t have their eyes on Long Beach. That is, until an eager early-adopter and Long Beach local convinced them that the DTLB community was strong and could support the app.

Hooch is available as an app for both Android and iOS, users are charged $9.99 per month for the ability to claim one promotional drink each day at a different bar or venue in their city. It ends up being a win for everyone: businesses get new customers in the door while users get to discover new venues (and get a heavily discounted drink in the process).

They have partnered with over 400 bars throughout New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Austin, San Diego, New Jersey, Phoenix and Hong Kong. And Downtown Long Beach has a strong presence, with 10 participating businesses (the same amount DTLA has participating). Here in Downtown, you can get everything from a craft brew at Public Beer & Wine to a roasted blueberry basil margarita from Cielo Rooftop to Artisan Sangria from Alegria Cocina Latina.

If you’re dedicated, you could realistically get 30 drinks in a month for a mere $10. With drink prices creeping up, you may even save some cash using the app just one time in a 30 day period.

Once you download Hooch, search to find bars in your area. Once you decide on a bar, you can choose from a list of two to three beverages. For each business there are typically three different drinks to choose from – ranging from beer and wine to cocktails.

Participating DTLB venues include:

  • Cuban Pete’s
  • Alegria Cocina Latina
  • L’Opera
  • Agaves
  • Café Sevilla
  • The Brass Lamp
  • Public Beer and Wine
  • Cielo Rooftop
  • Crème de la Crepe
  • The Breakfast Bar

In order for a bar to participate, they have to apply, be approved by the Hooch team. Venues do not pay to participate. The company also reaches out to bars to invite them to join the lineup.

Using invite code: FROMDLBA will save eager drinkers even more, your first month’s subscription will be only $1.