In light of the upcoming election, please be advised of the following emergency preparedness information.

Given the contentious nature of next week’s election, it is reasonable to assume that the outcome could cause some public unrest. DLBA is in frequent communications with the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) regarding planned demonstrations, unrest, and general criminal activity. DLBA also closely monitors social media channels, and receives real-time updates from our Clean & Safe Team.

LBPD will have an increased presence during the week of the election both within Downtown and citywide. At this time, there is no indication that any demonstrations are planned pre- or post-election. However, DLBA recommends that business operators and residential/commercial property owners review the International Downtown Association’s safety checklist, “Preparations for Community Gatherings and Protests,” which can be downloaded by clicking here.

DLBA will keep you informed of any urgent news or emergencies via this email alert system. Please encourage your neighbors in Downtown to sign up for DTLB Advisories by sharing with them the following link: eepurl.com/hg8SWH

DLBA also operates a text alert system for emergencies and event/road closure advisories. Click here to sign up.

Sign up for the City’s Alert Long Beach notification system by clicking here.

Please direct questions to DLBA Communications Manager Samantha Mehlinger: SamanthaM@dlba.org