Great communication is essential for the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA), which is constantly networking with Downtown stakeholders, City agencies, charitable organizations, and the general public. As part of our monthly series, DLBA is proud to introduce you to two individuals who bring solid communication backgrounds to their roles as Board Member and Committee Member, respectively.  

Board Member Michael Vitug is Executive Director of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships at Intertrend Communications, described as “a multicultural agency that understands the intersection of culture, emerging trends, and the interaction between brands and consumers.” Intertrend has been a mainstay of the Downtown business community for almost 25 years. 

Vitug, who emigrated to the USA from the Philippines as a child, grew up in West Covina, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. He became a DLBA Board Member out of a sense of duty to be involved with the continued improvement of Downtown. “As a member of the Board,” said Vitug, “I look to develop creative and innovative ways for Downtown Long Beach to ‘build back better’ for its citizens, businesses, and visitors.”

As Downtown re-opens, Vitug is keen on getting more acquainted with other Board Members as well as the workings of DLBA’s many committees. He hopes to team up and contribute to the revitalization of Downtown. “The reopening is great for everyone, both mentally and fiscally,” Vitug said. “I’m hoping we can apply lessons we’ve learned during the pandemic — such as workplace flexibility and al fresco dining — and help restore the diverse and vibrant Downtown environment.”

Vitug anticipates spending lots of his downtime with his family over the next several months. “I have a daughter who is leaving for college next year, so for the next 12 months life will be all about taking family trips — preferably Dodger games — and visiting colleges,” he said.   


Ryan La Rosa, a Long Beach native, is Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at Commune Communication, a Downtown-based advertising agency. He earned a degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University before moving to New York City and entering the world of advertising. 

“I worked for all the big firms and clients who are supposed to be glamorous,” La Rosa said. “It was not glamorous. That’s why my friend James and I decided to start our own thing. Commune just celebrated its seventh anniversary and while every day is not glamorous, we’re having a heck of a time and are incredibly proud to be contributing to Downtown Long Beach each day.”

La Rosa serves on DLBA’s Marketing and Communications Committee and the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. He hopes to inspire and contribute to a discourse about how Committee Members can effectively communicate with each other and with community stakeholders. “All of the Committee Members have amazing backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas,” said La Rosa. “A large part of Committee work is ensuring that these things come to light.”

An avid outdoorsman, La Rosa spends much of his off-work time in nature. “Give me a fly rod and my camper van and I’m pretty happy,” he said. “If I’m not doing an activity like this during my off-hours, chances are good I’m at home plotting the next mission.” 

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