Meet Public Safety Committee Member and Downtown resident Terry Krieger, who has forged strong community ties since opening up his Downtown law firm in 1996 and connecting with a wide array of companies, organizations, and individuals.

“As I begin my second year as a Public Safety Committee Member with the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA), I hope I can contribute personal experiences that will assist others in making good decisions for the health of our neighborhoods,” said Krieger. “I am disabled, and I hope that my experiences with mobility limitations will contribute valuable insight into access issues for the disabled community.”

Born in Harbor City and Raised in Rolling Hills, Krieger traveled far and wide to pursue his education, earning a degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, then moving to the east coast where he received a degree from the Boston University School of Law.

He loves how Downtown has grown since he returned to California and partnered with his wife Linda to establish Krieger & Krieger, a firm focused on class actions, business litigation, and employment law – including disability discrimination and failure to accommodate. A third partner, Larry Cagney, joined the firm later and was integral to its growth.

“From our window, I can see Rolling Hills,” Krieger said. “As I get older, I seem to be moving toward my childhood home.”

Movement is on Krieger’s mind; He is a strong advocate for disabled access to the e-scooters and e-bikes made available through the City of Long Beach’s Micro-Mobility Program. In addition to seeing a potential transportation alternative for people with mobility issues, Krieger views the program as a vital way to improve the environment, reduce traffic, and assist in the positive energy of Downtown.

“As a Committee Member, I have seen prototypes of e-scooters for disabled people,” noted Krieger. “We need to improve access to e-scooters, while also taking care to regulate their nuisance elements, such as careless parking and reckless riding.”

Krieger was tuned in to DLBA activities well before his tenure as a Committee Member. His wife served on the DLBA Board and found it to be a very fulfilling way to contribute to the welfare of Downtown. This helped inspire Krieger to get involved.

“The Public Safety Committee examines a wide array of issues, including homelessness, keeping Downtown clean and safe, and business development, among many others. I really enjoy trying to make things better for everyone,” Krieger said.

Krieger’s relationship to his favorite hobby — golf — may be changing, but, as an advocate for the disabled, he remains devoted to the sport. “Although my days of being able to play may be numbered,” said Krieger, “I hope to see the City improve access to golf with the addition of Paramobile and Solo Rider golf carts, along with other accommodations. There is much the City could do to assist and not hinder access to golf for its disabled citizens, helping improve the lives of those who are forced to deal with physical limitations.”