“Pedal Movement”: Clever name for a bicycle services organization, referencing both the physical act of propelling a bicycle and the rapidly growing worldwide bicycle movement in general.  This double meaning is also spun into the company’s motto: “One revolution at a time.”

Pedal Movement, the self-described “bicycle services and Transportation Demand Management program provider,” has partnered with the City of Long Beach on such bicycle-forward events as the citywide cycling series Beach Streets, and is a continuing presence at Long Beach events like Music Tastes Good, Pow!Wow! Long Beach, and the DLBA’s Summer and Music series.  

The company offers multiple event services (bicycle valet parking, repair and fleet rental are just a few) in order to promote and support cycling and to help fulfill Long Beach’s goal of becoming the most bicycle-friendly city in America. Pedal Movement also provides bicycle education services, cycle-related job training and leased workforce management to help bicycle shops grow their businesses.   

Pedal Movement was founded as a grassroots community organization in 2008 by Graham Baden, John Tully, and Evan Kelly.  Pedal Movement hosted weekly group rides for Long Beach’s enthusiastic cycling community and conducted monthly community outreach meetings.  

In 2010, Pedal Movement founded the city’s first bicycle collective, the HUB Community Bike Center.  The company strengthened its leadership, consolidated its connections and became an LLC in 2016.

“Long Beach has some really great bicycling amenities and the City has been really strong in advocating for bicyclist safety in many corners of the City,” said Pedal Movement Marketing and Communications Director Nick Russo.  “However,” Nick continued, “the vast majority of people who live here still seem to think of bicycling and walking and scootering as recreational activities rather than as transportation alternatives. The City has a plan to work on a lot of infrastructural problem areas.”  

This plan is evidenced by the protected bike lanes on Broadway and Third Street in Downtown, the “sharrow” bike lanes on Fourth Street and, most recently, the protected bike lanes along the Broadway Corridor to Redondo Avenue.  

“A worldwide resurgence in bicycling for transportation can be incredibly transformative in numerous ways,” said Nick Russo. “Replacing car trips with bicycling trips can improve cardiovascular function and, depending on how long your commute is, can often take the same amount of time to drive and park. Studies have shown that walking or bicycling for just 10-15 minutes per day significantly raises levels of the hormone oxytocin, which has antidepressant qualities — something everyone can enjoy.”