Downtown navigation has a stylish new twist this year due to new wayfinding signage gifted to the City by the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA). Twelve contemporary-looking signs designed by the Playa Del Rey-based firm Selbert Perkins now provide Downtown pedestrians with eye-level maps and icons indicating nearby attractions and public services.

A recent video highlighting the completion of the effort describes how the signs enhance the Downtown experience and support a unified identity. The new wayfinding signage is part of DLBA’s strategic plan to improve the Downtown pedestrian experience.

“There are a lot of different neighborhoods that make up Downtown and we do want there to be a cohesive sense of this place that is DTLB. The signs connect that and give a sense of place and where things fit in,” said Stephanie Gonzalez, DLBA Placemaking Manager.

According to Eric Lopez, City Director of Public Works, “There are a lot of great places that the city of Long Beach has to offer, but unless you are here every day, sometimes it helps to have a reminder. You come upon a wayfinding sign that reminds you of all the wonderful places that are nearby within walking distance for you and your family to enjoy. This project is aligned with Public Works mission and geared to make it easier and more enjoyable for residents and visitors to walk through and enjoy Downtown.”

DLBA funded the design phase of the pedestrian wayfinding system and partnered with the City to ensure new pedestrian signage is consistent with the overall Long Beach wayfinding system.