The Downtown Long Beach Alliance’s (DTLB Alliance) Clean and Safe Team Employees of the Quarter — Enrique Nandez and Anisel Sanchez — were recognized for their excellence in front of their teammates and DTLB Alliance staff during a lunch hour meet-up last week at the just-opened Baby Bros Pizza on Pine Avenue. 

From left: Sr. Vice President & Deputy CEO James Ahumada, Safe Team Lead Anisel Sanchez, Operations Manager Juan Torres, Clean and Safe Team Ambassador Enrique Nandez, & Block by Block Operations Manager Sara Payne

After enjoying a delicious lunch of pizza, wings, and fries, attendees watched Block by Block Operations Manager Sara Payne introduce the two award winners, who were presented with their certificates of recognition by DTLB Alliance Operations Manager Juan Torres and Sr. Vice President & Deputy CEO James Ahumada.  

“Anisel, who has been with the DTLB Alliance for nine years, works the night team,” said Payne. “I started just two weeks ago and I’ve been working late nights, just taking it all in. Anisel has so much information to share with me, and he’s been nothing but patient and kind with me. He’s had my back every step of the way.”  

Anisel Sanchez

Payne went on to praise Enrique Nandez: “He is one of the most positive people on our team. Every day he’s always keeping everybody laughing. He’s got this positive, sunshine attitude, and it’s really infectious for the whole team.”  

Sanchez is a true Downtown native; Born at St. Mary’s Hospital, he grew up at 3rd & Chestnut, graduated from Poly High School, spent tons of time at the old bowling alley in the Pike Outlets shopping center, and got one of his first jobs at the Queen Mary! He serves as Team Lead for the Safe Team, working five night shifts a week and filing end-of-shift reports. He has seen it all in Downtown. 

“I’ve watched lots of businesses get started,” he said. “A lot of unhoused people I’ve met over the years are now sheltered. There are new faces on the street too, and the Safe Team focuses on building a rapport with them and getting them housed as well.”  

Sanchez still finds his fun in Downtown; He mentioned the whale and dolphin-watching cruises and visiting the Aquarium as his favorite activities. 

Enrique Nandez has been with the Clean and Safe Team for eleven months. He works in Downtown and in other city districts with which the DTLB Alliance and the private company Block by Block have partnered. “Wherever I’m needed, I’m there,” he said.  

Enrique Nandez

Born and raised in Montebello, Nandez moved to Whittier at a young age and graduated from Pioneer High School. He has worked in the private security and construction industries, and is currently looking into becoming a licensed electrician or plumber.  

Relentlessly positive, Nandez has much love for Downtown. “The beauty and greatness of the Downtown community is that we’re all connected, at the beach, in the restaurants, parks, and shopping centers,” he said. During his down time, he likes to go to local beaches and parks to “play basketball, cool off on the water and have a great time in the community.”

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