With the highest Walk Score in the city, it’s no secret that DTLB is a pedestrian’s paradise. But Thrillist has taken notice of Long Beach for our walkability as a whole.

According to Thrillist:

“Southern California gets a bad rep when it comes to walkability. Yes, Los Angeles is a dystopian hellscape crisscrossed by rivers of concrete and you’d better pack water, a tent, and a change of clothes if you want to walk to your nearest grocery store. But there are certain cities — Long Beach foremost — where using your feet actually makes sense. Even if the city is best seen from the back of a Snoop DeVille, it has seen a massive influx of people drawn to a surprisingly bustling Downtown. Think of it as Santa Monica without the price tag — and minus the giant mall in the middle of it.”

We’ll have to forgive them for the phrase “Snoop DeVille.” Long Beach is the only SoCal city on the list of ten cities that includes giants like NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago. They developed the list by combining two exhaustive studies on pedestrian accessibility: Smart Growth America’s “Foot Traffic Ahead” and Redfin’s annual Walk Score rankings.

In a recent Smart Growth America study, it was found that  walkable neighborhoods and town centers are seeing significant increases in market demand, as young people, families and the elderly alike recognize the quality of life benefits of these places. When you can easily walk, take a bike or a quick transit trip to your destination, you save on your commute — both time that can be spent with family and friends, and money that can be used on something besides transportation.

“These are places where you can get around cheaply, boost your health — and still see the best of the city from the comfort of your own sneakers,” says Thrillist.

 We couldn’t agree more.

See the full list at Thrillist.