It’s summertime, Long Beach—and for us, there is no better way to celebrate the year’s best season than with beer, good vibes, and free live music.

Our free monthly music series, Live After 5, will become Psychedelic Summer and take over the A LOT  on Pine between 6th & 7th Streets on Thursday, June 9, from 5PM to 10PM.

The lineup includes:

And of course, fear not: we’ll have a beer and wine garden courtesy of Public Beer & Wine Shop.

Fun fact about the A LOT on Pine: it is home to two pretty fantastic murals by some of the most respected street artists in the business.

On the south side is none other than a triad-mural by Dabs Myla, Craola, Tyke Witness that was completed in 2013. (Speaking of Dabs Myla—the Australian graffiti couple who made LA their home—have yet another DTLB mural off of the west side of Linden Avenue between 1st and Broadway, completed in 2012 after the pair also did a live mural at that year’s AGENDA show at the Convention Center.)

On the north side, the black’n’purple (and blue and green and gold) mural by Vyal One (aka Jaime “Vyal” Reyes) is now available to view after he completed it earlier this year. His signature eyes—reflecting the similar approach that Chase, whose EVA mural also features eyes, uses—now overlook A LOT and stare down the mural opposing it.

To RSVP, click here.