Coffee, Conversation & Clean-Up on Feb. 11, 2023 featured Long Beach Public Works Director Eric Lopez as guest speaker.

“Coffee, Conversations and Clean-Up,” a speaker series happening in Downtown’s newly-renovated Lincoln Park, is giving residents and guests a chance to engage in dialogue with a variety of civic and community leaders, providing opportunities to help add to positive momentum in the development of Downtown. 

The event, which takes place from 10:30am to noon on the Billie Jean King Main Library Terrace adjoining the park every other Saturday morning through April 22, has thus far featured First District Councilwoman Mary Zendejas, DLBA’s President and CEO Austin Metoyer, LBPD South Division Commander Stephanie Hall, and Eric Lopez, Director of Public Works and DLBA Board Member.  

After each speaker’s presentation and Q&A time, DLBA provides gloves and trash bags for a light park clean-up. 

“The ‘Coffee, Conversations, and Clean-Up’ events allow folks to engage with their elected and city leaders in a casual conversation and learn what is happening in Downtown,” said Austin Metoyer, DLBA’s President and CEO. “The COVID pandemic disrupted normal communication channels. Civic engagement events like these help to reestablish those connections.”

Here is the Speaker Series schedule, with other Lincoln Park events included. For more details, visit the Lincoln Park website here.

March 11: Coffee, Conversation and Clean-Up, speaker TBD

March 23: DLBA’s Celebrate Downtown event

March 25: Lincoln Park, Council District 1, Clean California Community Day

April 8: Coffee, Conversation and Clean-Up featuring Brent Dennis, Director of Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine 

April 8: Downtown Walkable Corners – Walk to Play Day 

April 22: Coffee, Conversation and Clean-Up, speaker TBD

May 21: World Meditation Day at Lincoln Park

Speaker Series guests are invited to make the most of their Lincoln Park visit by joining the free Yoga class held on Saturdays from 9am to 10am on the park’s small lawn, or by paying a visit to the beautiful Billie Jean King Main Library, open from 10am until 5pm on Saturdays.  

Coffee, Conversation & Clean-Up attendees help clean up Lincoln Park on Jan. 28, 2023.

Lincoln Park was built to add to the walkable, bikeable and public transportation-friendly Downtown environment: For those biking to the event, there are bike racks in the park between the dog park and skate park, along Pacific Avenue. For those taking public transportation, the park is conveniently located immediately to the west of the Transit Gallery, with both bus stops and a metro station.

For those driving in, there is a parking lot on Broadway at Chestnut Avenue, to the west of the Billy Jean King Main Library. There is also a parking lot on 3rd Street between Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard that offers two hours of free parking. It’s a three-block walk to Lincoln Park from there.  

The community’s participation will go a long way in helping strengthen plans and strategies for the ongoing betterment of Downtown. Visit www.lincolnparklb.com for more information.