Downtown Long Beach

Clean & Safe Teams: Ensuring a safe and secure Downtown.

Downtown Safety Ambassadors

Highly trained and distinctly uniformed Safety Ambassadors patrol the streets of the central business district on foot, bike and Segway 12-18 hours a day. They serve as friendly goodwill ambassadors by welcoming residents, workers, and visitors. Safety Ambassadors also assist in overall crime prevention by working closely with the Long Beach Police Department. Through daily interaction with the public and the Police Department, Safety Ambassadors are able to help reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for the Downtown Community.

Downtown Clean Team & Pressure Washing

The Downtown Long Beach Clean Team is dedicated to beautifying our community. Team members start their day early to sweep away litter and debris before shops open as residents leave for work. Clean Team services go above and beyond what is provided by the City from pressure washing to graffiti removal and much more.

Homeless Services

The DLBA’s Homeless Outreach Specialist works to build relationships with our homeless population and assist them in accessing local resources and social service agencies. With this service, DLBA is able to provide specialized attention to overcome barriers to assist our homeless neighbors, including street outreach, collaboration and data sharing with city and community partners. The Homeless Outreach Specialist also regularly meets with outreach workers from the Multi-Service Center and other service providers to exchange best practices on connecting homeless individuals to available services.

Alley Busters

In partnership with Mental Health America (MHA) Village, Alley Busters is a pilot program designed to help those who have experienced mental illness get on the path to full-time employment.

While the alleys of DTLB are being brightened, the hard-working MHA members on the Alley Busters team have the rewarding experience of bringing home a paycheck and can proudly see themselves as productive workers instead of patients

Alley Busters began in mid-April 2017, starting with the alleys in the Willmore area. It’s been a great success with three or four MHA members working each week to improve DTLB’s alleys by cleaning up garbage, weeds, and removing obstructions. So far the team has removed five mattresses, four chairs, a car fender, TVs, and more. The DLBA’s Clean Team works in conjunction with the City of Long Beach’s Public Works department to dispose of these bulk items properly each week.

Alley Buster

The DLBA’s Clean & Safe teams – two of the Downtown’s most beloved programs – facilitate cleanliness, maintenance, public safety, and ambassadorial services that enhance both physical and experiential aspects of the public realm in Downtown Long Beach.