Guide to Public Spaces

The information below provides direction to stakeholders interested in using public space in Downtown Long Beach.

Below you will find City of Long Beach online resources and department contact numbers that pertain to a variety of private uses of sidewalks and other public spaces.

Park Facility Use
To reserve a park facility or to host an event at Downtown parks you must contact Parks, Recreation and Marine. Click here to visit Parks, Recreation and Marine or call (562) 570-3111.

Special Events 
A Special Event is any organized event including, but not limited to, large-scale events such as races, parades, concerts, and any organized assembly of seventy-five or more people on any public space or public right of way, owned or controlled by the City of Long Beach. A Special Event can be private or open to the public. Planning an event typically requires a significant amount of lead-time due to the amount of preparation required for a Special Event Permit.

Click here to visit the Special Events & Filming website or call (562) 570-5333.
*If your special event will contain temporary food facilities you must obtain a temporary health permit.

Temporary Food Facilities 
City of Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services Food Program requires all temporary food facility operators, and event organizers to obtain temporary health permits. Click here to visit the Health Department webpage or call (562) 570-4000.

Requesting a Bike Rack
As Long Beach is moving forward to becoming the most bicycle friendly city in the United States, businesses are finding that bike friendly amenities are good for their bottom line. As a result, the City of Long Beach offers free bicycle rack installation to sites that meet certain criteria.

To submit a request to have a bicycle rack in front of your business click here.

To see a catalog of rack options click here.

Sidewalk Dining 
Sidewalk dining is an outdoor part of a dining establishment where customers go to relax, dine, and socialize. Sidewalk dining offers a comfortable and quaint atmosphere. The City of Long Beach requires businesses to obtain a Public Walkways Occupancy Permit to establish a sidewalk dining area. Before applying contact Sean Warner at the Downtown Long Beach Business Alliance at (562) 485-3146.

A parklet is a small dining area or park that fits within an on-street parking space. It often has a raised platform, about the height of a curb, and contains design elements such as planters, benches, tables, or even bicycle parking. Click here for the City of Long Beach Parklet guidelines. Before applying please contact Public Works at (562) 570-6784.

Tree Planting Program 
The City of Long Beach has established a Tree Planting Program whereby trees can be requested to be planted on public property by homeowners, businesses, or community/neighborhood groups. Prior to requesting a tree through the program please review the City’s Policy on Tree Maintenance by clicking here or call (562) 570-2700 *4.

To find out about eligibility and how to request trees click here or contact the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability at (562) 570-6396.

Neighborhood Clean-Up Assistance Program 
This City program provides materials and supplies to community organizations and volunteer groups to clean up their neighborhoods. Click here for more information.

Graffiti Removal Program 
The City of Long Beach has innovative and effective programs for controlling graffiti. Click here for more information.

City of Long Beach Grant Programs
The City of Long Beach offers annual and ongoing grant programs for both neighborhood beautification and business assistance.

Neighborhood Partners Program
The Neighborhood Partners Program (NPP) can assist a variety of improvements and beautification projects. Applicants are encouraged to be creative. Projects must have a public benefit and must have the support of the organization’s governing body and the affected neighborhood. Projects may include tree plantings or landscape projects, adopting and improving neighborhood parks or schools, and creating community gardens/landscaped open space.

Click here to learn about the City’s Neighborhood Partners Program

Urban Forestry Program
The City’s Urban Forestry Program is a collaborative effort between neighborhood associations, community groups, the Conservation Corps of Long Beach and the Neighborhood Services Bureau to plant trees in Long Beach neighborhoods. Click here to learn more about the Urban Forestry grant program.

Commercial Improvement Rebate Program
This program provides rebates of up to $2,000 per business to commercial property owners and business owners to improve the exterior of their commercial properties along designated business corridors. Click here to learn more.

Other Contacts

Business License Division: (562) 570-6211
City Traffic Engineering: (562) 570-6634
Code Enforcement Division: (562) 570-CODE (2633)
Building & Permit: (562) 570-6651
Economic Development: (562) 570-6615
Fire Prevention: (562) 570-2500
Long Beach Development Services: (562) 570-LBDS (5237)
Office of Special Events and Filming: (562) 570-5333
Sidewalk Dining: (562)-570-6975
Zoning Information: (562) 570-6194