The expression “Tell it to City Hall!” used to indicate futility and frustration.  Nowadays, thanks to the easy-to-use Go Long Beach smartphone app, folks can instantly and directly tell city departments about community safety and cleanliness issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Since its launch in 2010, the Go Long Beach app has been a tremendously effective tool for quickly dealing with such safety problems as potholes, damaged traffic signs and broken newspaper racks, as well as cleanliness issues like graffiti, overgrown weeds and illegally dumped items.

“The app has the amazing ability to use technology to bring the community together as virtual partners in keeping our common areas clean and safe,” said Long Beach Public Safety Committee member Trish Poe.

Considering how many people carry smartphones these days, the Go Long Beach app is a force multiplier for City maintenance. Residents, businesses and visitors can gain an instant voice for the quality of Long Beach life.

“I’ve used the Go Long Beach App on numerous occasions, which has made reporting and following up on issues so quick and easy,” said Joe Harding, past president of the East Village Association and current property manager of the Historic Lafayette condos. “I’m confident that issues will be addressed and, through the app, tracking the status of reported issues could not be easier. I wish more people knew about the Go Long Beach app.”

Go Long Beach is available for both iPhone and Android devices.  Once it is downloaded, users can select from a list of safety and cleanliness issue topics ranging from the ones listed above to other problems such as shoes on a utility wire or running water in a park.  Then the user simply takes a picture of the problem and hits the “send” button.  City staff will receive the information and the GPS coordinates.

The City has processed several thousand requests since the Go Long Beach app was launched.  Residents in various Long Beach neighborhoods have reported very positive transformations as a direct result of the app.

Go Long Beach is available at the Apple Store and the Android Market. It’s a state-of-the-art way to become engaged with the condition of your neighborhood and the Long Beach community at large. Click here to see a video detailing step-by-step instructions for using the Go Long Beach app once you have downloaded it to your smartphone.

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