Public service announcement: today is National French Fry Day. Surely, there is the classic way to celebrate, that is, with unadulterated fries, crisped to perfection with a healthy dose of salt (kinda like the way BO-beau does their fries so perfectly). We hold no shame or judgment for that kind of celebration of this revered holiday.

But alas, we want to direct you to the humble French Fry’s many personalities, the way this potato dish has been interpreted by some of DTLB’s best grub hubs. From the Middle East to Mexico, land to sea, we have five ways you can celebrate National French Fry Day in style.

Ready. Set. Drool.


Kabob Curry’s Masala Fries 

We’ve said it multiple times and we’ll keep saying it: Kabob Curry in DTLB is one of the most underrated food joints and certainly one of the best lunch spots. Need further convincing? Look. At. These. Masala. Fries. Skinny fries, garlic sauce, perfect masala, red onion, parsley, and a dabble of crumbled goat cheese. (Sometimes shredded cheddar, depending on the mood of the chef.) In other words: Middle East-meets-West perfection.

Kabob Curry is located at 108 W 3rd St.


Pier 76’s Chowder Fries

Pier’s spectacular chowder fries are not on the menu but rest assured, you can order them whenever your heart desires. These badboys—golden fried potatoes slathered in the house’s epic clam chowder and topped with bacon and chives—were once only a special during happy hour but owner Chris Krajacic has lifted the prohibition and is giving into the glutton of his patrons whenever the seafood shop is open. Praise be to the French Fry Gods.

Pier 76 is located at 95 Pine Ave.


Louis Burger’s Chili Cheese Fries

We have a huge weakness for diner grub. The pastrami. The fried zucchini. And especially their chili when it’s drenching fries. It’s distinct. And it’s nostalgic: from childhood days to college nights, it both the food almost everyone can afford and the food that makes people connect. Louis Burger—an institution in and of itself in Long Beach—has possibly the best chili cheese fries in DTLB.

Louis Burgers is located at


Leo’s Mexican Grill’s Carne Asada Fries

Much like Louis Burgers, Leo’s is a DTLB institution because there is no better Mexican joint within walking distance and their Taco Tues/Fridays. With people always swarming and simple offerings, it’s not hard to miss their most American offering: french fries slathered in cheese, carne asada, sour cream, and guacamole. They’re delicious and while sharing is recommended, we understand why you wouldn’t want to.

Leo’s Mexican Grill is located at 225 E Broadway.


The Breakfast Bar’s Hung Over Fries

It was only a matter of time before Long Beach’s love of breakfast—from Belmont Heights’ Coffee Cup to DTLB’s Pot Holder—turned to ramping up its take on the humble french fry. And Breakfast Bar doesn’t fail: eggs, cheese, peppers, onion, and sausage gravy are smothered over skinny fries. If this is what a hangover tastes like, count us in.

The Breakfast Bar is located at 70 Atlantic Ave.