Photo credit: Scholars Collective

Note to parents and guardians: If you are looking for a place to keep your young student productive, educated, and entertained during summer days, try the Downtown tutoring service Scholars Collective at 236 E 3rd Street, which is offering a summer camp program from June 16 through August 29. 

To be eligible, campers must be at least four years old and have previous experience in a school or daycare environment. Scholars Collective accepts kids of all backgrounds and academic needs.

Photo credit: Scholars Collective

This is also an opportunity for you to discover Downtown for yourself! While your scholar is attending a half day or full day camp session, you can make time to enjoy the many nearby Downtown amenities. Scholars Collective also hosts a Parents Night Out on the second Saturday of each month from 5 until 10 PM, in which kids can participate in a number of activities, watch a movie, and enjoy snacks or dinner while you have a night out on the town. 

“We have all sorts of high tech activities, but we also don’t let kids stare at screens all day,” said Angela Macias, Scholars Collective Founder and CEO. “We mix in opportunities for hands-on projects and reading to enrich their time with a wide range of educational fun.

Photo credit: Scholars Collective

“We have two main philosophies,” Macias continued. “One, we don’t force kids to do things — instead, we provide options and allow them to pick what they are interested in engaging with, and two, learning should always be fun! We don’t need to reward or punish because learning is fun on its own if the right opportunities are offered to children.” 

Throughout each week of summer camp sessions, Scholars Collective offers the following activities: arts and crafts, anime drawing, comic book publishing, Dungeons and Dragons, content creation, gaming and esports, science and engineering, 3D printing, and Spanish language. “We also have some free time built into each day in which kids can select between board games, reading, art, puzzles, Legos, and more,” Macias added.  

After a scholar drop-off, before a pick-up, or during Parents Night Out, you will have many walkable options for dining, drinking, and shopping. You could start by walking east, turning right on Long Beach Boulevard, heading down to 1st Street and turning left, where you’ll find yourself in the East Village. Buy something nice at the conscious design boutique Burke Mercantile or the chic clothing store Anneise

Walk back to 3rd Street, pass Scholars Collective and, for a unique way to work up your appetite, try Bad Axe at 245 Pine Avenue, #290. Axe throwing has been known to awaken the hunter-gatherer instinct!  

Now head back toward Scholars Collective and grab a bite at the Dog Haus, 210 E 3rd, which specializes in award-winning gourmet hot dogs and a fine selection of local craft beers. 

Top off your Downtown jaunt with a stroll down The Promenade to Long Beach Creamery, where you can indulge in some of the finest fresh-made ice cream on the west coast. 

Photo credit: Scholars Collective

These are just a few suggestions; Plenty of destinations will reveal themselves if you’re just walking around — or, you can study DLBA’s interactive shopping and dining map. Either way, know that Downtown Long Beach has plenty of options for you to enjoy while your scholar is having fun and gaining knowledge at Scholars Collective summer camp.  

For more information on camp sessions, programming, and fees, please click here.  

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