DLBA is excited to share its latest edition of the Downtown Long Beach Map for visitors, residents and businesses featuring points of interest and Instagram Worthy locations in Downtown Long Beach.  The map folds down to a convenient 3 x 3 inch size and is the culmination of more than a year of input collected from several sources, including hotel concierges, who have gained a unique perspective advising visitors about the many opportunities to explore DTLB.

In addition to historic and contemporary landmarks, the map features half-day, one-day and two-day recommended itineraries for pedstrians to explore every corner of Downtown in search of that hidden gem. Another fun feature is DLBA’s list of “Instagram Worthy” locations such as the Museum of Latin American Art’s “Pink Wall”, Pike Outlet’s Ferris Wheel or the Rainbow Harbor Lighthouse that will make anyone’s social media followers gush with envy.

If you wish to give your feet a rest, the map lists other methods of getting around Downtown as well as important contact information for DLBA’s Safety Ambassadors, who offer friendly safety escorts to and from any location in the business district, vehicle jump starts or even directions to your next DTLB adventure.

We hope DLBA’s Downtown Long Beach Map will become an indispensable resource for everyone to use in helping customers or friends get the most out of their stay in DTLB. Requests for maps may be made by calling DLBA at (562) 436-4259 or info@dlba.org. Additionally, DLBA would welcome any feedback about improvements to the map for future editions.