The DLBA’s Woman-Owned Business Accelerator Program is designed to assist existing woman-owned businesses by providing targeted business assistance and grant funds in an effort to support costs associated with recruiting, retaining, or expanding an existing Downtown woman-owned business creating more jobs in Downtown Long Beach. Those who submit for the grants are reviewed by the selection committee. Finalists from the selection committee’s review are submitted to the DLBA Economic Development Committee for grant recipient determination. This year’s program awarded three woman-owned businesses with a total grant amount of $10,000. Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Cuppa CuppaPlantBerri and Yellow 108!

With a dedication to sourcing the highest quality and most responsibly grown beans, Cuppa Cuppa is a contemporary‚ relaxed café bar founded with the grounding belief that better beans make for better coffee. Cuppa Cuppa recently expanded its breakfast and lunch menus with more than 20 items to draw more customers through a broader selection. The Economic Development Committee awarded Cuppa Cuppa $3,500 in grant funding. According to owner, Radhika Chougule, the grant funds will go towards marketing efforts, to purchase additional equipment, and hire more employees.

PlantBerri aims to inspire healthier lifestyles by promoting better alternatives to animal products. Overall, a goal is to become a household name brand providing affordable high-quality plant-based food that helps empower personal wellness and sustainability. The Economic Development Committee awarded PlantBerri $3,000 in grant funding. Owner Rathana So shared that her funds will go towards acquiring equipment, building a website and other working capital and marketing costs. She expressed that she hopes this financial resource will enable her to scale and increase sales within the next year to be able to hire more employees to join the PlantBerri team.

When asked why DTLB for her business location: Downtown Long Beach is the most densely populated area in Long Beach with beautiful coastal access. Our target market is focused on the busy millennial and provides an offering for anyone who is looking for healthy sustainable alternatives.

Yellow 108 is a Long Beach-based headwear company specializing in hats and accessories made from salvaged and recycled materials since 2010. Salvaged = Saved. Yellow 108 represents authentic, sustainable, American heritage, quality, and timeless aesthetic. The Economic Development Committee awarded Yellow 108 $3,500 in grant funding. Owner Lauren Lilly will be using the grant funding for hat production. The funds will allow for more product creation to drive sales and revenue.

When asked why DTLB for her business: When I submitted my LLC paperwork nine years ago with the State of California, I moved from DTLA to Long Beach specifically to launch my brand. It was an economical move as well as a community vibe. Being close to the Port of Long Beach allows for better freight rates, and DTLB has a very strong small business support mindset. Supporting local business I would say is very much a thing in Long Beach, and I wanted to create a brand that could energize community events through sustainability and fashion.

DLBA invites you to explore other business resources by visiting our “Invest” section on the website. You may also reach out to our Economic Development and Policy Manager, Austin Metoyer by email at austinm@dlba.org or 562-506-2960.