Over the last several years, the social media revolution has enabled organizations to expand their communications to every corner of the world.  The DLBA is no exception: With over 88,500 unique visits to its social media sites per year and 10,000 newsletter subscribers, the DLBA is richly reaping the rewards of social media’s reach.  

Social media has impacted us in many important ways,” said Broc Coward, DLBA’s COO.  “One of those ways is being able to distribute content to large numbers of people 24 hours a day.  We now have direct access to consumers and stakeholders whenever they want to share a message, as opposed to relying on the timelines of traditional publications and news channels.” 

“Social media also creates a human connection that was lacking with traditional public relations methods,” Coward added.  “Instead of a formally written press release which feels like a one-way communication, social media calls for a conversation. Businesses and organizations now have to focus on building their online personalities and maintaining that consistent voice throughout every online communication 24 hours per day.”

Instagram, in particular, has become a powerful tool in the DLBA’s Public Relations toolbox: DLBA currently has over 23,000 Instagram followers.  

“Given the popularity of Instagram stories,” said Coward, “DLBA now considers this an important part of our social media strategy.   We are able to share more content this way and increase the amount of stakeholder content we share through our social channels.”  

DLBA is also utilizing Instagram Live video to stream certain events its staff attends so the community can participate when they cannot physically be there. This provides more opportunities to promote the Downtown community and the partnerships that define the Downtown Long Beach Alliance. 

For the DLBA and its stakeholder businesses, social media has been instrumental in providing a total yearly economic return of 1.1 million dollars from such Downtown events as Live After 5, A Taste Of Downtown and Summer And Music. All of DLBA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and expansive audience reach are an incredible resource at the disposal of Downtown businesses, whether they are planning a grand opening, launching a brand or product, participating in one of DLBA’s events or reconnecting with Downtown stakeholders.   

For more information about DLBA’s social media reach and the many sponsorship opportunities DLBA offers, click here. If you are a business or property owner in Downtown Long Beach, wishing to work with DLBA to reach a greater customer base, please contact Austin Metoyer, Economic Development and Policy Manager, at (562) 485-2960.