Downtown Long Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA)?

The DLBA is a private non-profit organization operating on behalf of the tenants and property owners of Downtown Long Beach’s two Business Improvement Districts (BID). It is dedicated to the management, marketing, security, maintenance, advocacy, economic and community development of the assessment districts in cooperation with the City of Long Beach and the private sector.

What is a BID?

BIDs are self-assessment areas established and managed by business, residential, and commercial property owners to provide enhanced services above and beyond what the City of Long Beach provides. The first Downtown Long Beach BID, the Downtown Parking Improvement Area (DPIA), was established in 1973 by business owners. The second Downtown Long Beach BID, the Property Based Improvement District (PBID), was established by commercial property owners in 1998. Both of these BIDs are legally established by State of California legislation and approved by the Long Beach City Council.

Who manages the DLBA?

DLBA is a true public-private partnership governed by a Board of Directors, representing business, residential, and commercial property owners including the City of Long Beach. DLBA’s full-time management team includes professionals overseeing the Downtown’s marketing, economic development, clean and safe, advocacy and administration programs.

How do I become a member of the DLBA?

DLBA is not a membership based organization. You are a stakeholder of either or both BIDs by virtue of the location of your business, residential, or commercial property. Please see the maps illustrating those boundaries: PBID and DPIA.

How are the annual fees calculated? What is the amount?

For businesses located with the DPIA boundaries a flat rate and a per employee fee is calculated annually and added to your business license. The current annual assessment is approximately $424.89 per business and $7.15 per employee, and for Service Based Independent Contractors $291.80 per business and $4.95 per employee.

For property owners located within the PBID boundaries the fees are calculated based on factors such as square footage of the property and building along with amount of services rendered to the area the property is located. Parking structures, residential properties and properties owned and used for non-profit purposes pay an adjusted and reduced rate. Estimated annual maximum assessment rates are:

Actual Rates 2016 – 2017
Category Standard Zone Premium Zone
Frontage $10.6450213750 $17.1947960657
Lot + Building (Com/Gov) $0.0464609767 $0.0510384982
Lot + Building (Parking) $0.0303791081 $0.0349566294
Lot + Building (Non-Profit/Residential) $0.0142972394 $0.0188747606

*Please note that new PBID services go into effect on January 1, 2017, and will be reflective in property owner tax bills.

What do the fees go toward?

On behalf of the business and property owners that are vested in the two Downtown BIDs, the DLBA strives to create and maintain a Downtown that is vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, clean, safe and entertaining. This vision of Downtown is made possible through the following programs:

Community Advocacy

By building consensus, the DLBA best gains the voice of the majority and acts as an advocate on behalf of its Downtown stakeholders while serving as an ombudsman and liaison between the business community and City Hall. This program is supported by contributions from both BIDs (DPIA and PBID).

Downtown Clean Team

The Clean Team members begin their work early each morning to ensure that the central business district remains attractive and clean. Radio-equipped personnel remove graffiti, sweep litter and eliminate weeds from sidewalks and gutters. In addition, Clean Team members assist as goodwill ambassadors by giving directions and answering questions. This program is funded by the property owner (PBID).

Downtown Guides

Downtown Guides support the Long Beach Police Department, property owners and tenants in overall crime prevention and reduction in neighborhood street disorders. Highly trained and distinctly uniformed Downtown Guides patrol the central business district 12-18 hours a day on bike and on foot helping to deter quality of life issues, offering an enhanced sense of security, and serving as goodwill ambassadors. This program is funded by the property owner (PBID).


The DLBA’s Marketing Department serves as the voice for all the wide-ranging programs and activities taking place within Downtown. The department is responsible for increasing the awareness and enhancing the image of Downtown, which is achieved through year-round advertising, public relations, and promotional campaigns. This program is supported by contributions from both BIDs (DPIA and PBID). Special Events With its grid-like design and friendly pedestrian walkway, Downtown Long Beach is an idyllic setting for public gatherings and events. The DLBA continues its efforts to enhance Downtown as a venue for special events by encouraging the expression of diversity, as well as showcasing the unique character of its many neighborhoods, by advocating, producing and sponsoring a host of special events. This program is supported by contributions from both BIDs (DPIA and PBID).

Economic Development

The programs of the Economic Development Department are a crucial component of the DLBA’s strategic mission. The department assiduously works to continue its efforts at recruiting and retaining office and retail businesses to the Downtown core. Also, it proactively assists developers and investors who have expressed an interest in Downtown as a location for their future projects. This program is supported by contributions from both BIDs (DPIA and PBID).

When does the DLBA Board of Directors meet?

The DLBA Board of Directors meet every even month (i.e., every other month) on the third Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Throughout the year, the DLBA also hosts stakeholder mixers and other meetings to discuss community issues or events

Can the public attend these meetings?

Yes! The DLBA welcomes the community to attend Board of Directors meetings. In compliance with the State of California ‘s Brown Act, DLBA meetings are open to the public, and agendas are posted on our website, at the DLBA, and at City Hall. Each meeting also allows time for members of the public to address the Board on non-agenda items.

How can I get involved?

We welcome your interest in the DLBA and look forward to introducing ourselves to you at one of the many community events or meetings throughout the year. Please contact us at 562-436-4259 for more information.