Downtown Long Beach

Civic Center Outreach


The City of Long Beach and developer Plenary-Edgemoor Civic Partners (PECP) have embarked on the transformation of the Long Beach Civic Center complex that will include a new City Hall and Main Library, a permanent headquarters building for the Port of Long Beach, a revitalized Lincoln Park, and new residences and a hotel. As an advocate for safe, attractive and vibrant public spaces, the DLBA hosted numerous Civic Center focused community forums to give DTLB stakeholders an opportunity to share their vision for the new Civic Center.

Community Member’s Vision

Highlights of community member’s vision for the Civic Center include:

  • Safe and inviting public spaces that offer seating, eating areas, and public art and provide places for people to relax, socialize, and recreate.
  • Public gathering spaces that accommodate fairs, festivals, and other events that draw people to the Civic Center and create a sense of place in Downtown Long Beach.
  • State of the art main library and facilities that provide art, education, and cultural programs for residents of all ages.
    Adaptive reuse of the existing city hall and main library structures
    Entertainment and events including music, theater, art, farmers market, and festivals.
  • A safe and convenient pedestrian network that includes shade trees, lighting, seating, public art, and wayfinding.
    A civic center that represents the uniqueness of Long Beach and the people who live here.

View an infographic highlighting DTLB stakeholder vision for DTLB. A complete summary of DLBA’s community forums can be found in a report titled Stakeholder Outreach Summary for the Long Beach Civic Center. The DLBA recognizes the important role the Long Beach Civic Center has in our Downtown and is committed to help making it a place of pride in our community now and in the future.