Lauren Mayne, the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator, is well versed in the new, cutting-edge world of digital communications. Yet it was an old-school activity — kickball — that drew her to Downtown Long Beach.

“Before the COVID-19 health crisis started, I played kickball in the Varsity Gay League every Sunday. That’s essentially how I discovered Long Beach,” said Mayne, who noted that her first team was called New Kicks On The Block. “After my first trip out here for a game, I immediately felt at home. Long Beach has a sense of community that you can’t find anywhere else. Not only did I fall in love with Long Beach through kickball, that’s also how I found my partner and my job with DLBA.” Mayne is responsible for maintaining the digital presence of DLBA, whether it’s on social media or on its website.

Mayne is originally from Clovis, in California’s central valley. She developed an affinity for small businesses there; her father and grandmother ran their own businesses. She moved to Southern California in 2014 to attend California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in advertising.

Lauren taking Gilbert for a walk at the Promenade farmer’s market.

After relocating to Long Beach in 2018, Mayne was looking for a job involving a very short commute. She began working for DLBA in September of 2019. Her position at DLBA allows her to walk to work (although she’s been working at home for the last several months) and it enables her to assist Downtown small businesses (“One of my favorite parts of the job,” she said), among her many duties.

“I’ve gotten a lot busier since the COVID-19 situation started,” Mayne said. “Everything now is digital and businesses are looking for support. They really want to get their name out there. This is something DLBA is doing through our ‘Support DTLB’ campaign. On DLBA’s website, we are now featuring Dine Out DTLB, an interactive map with links to restaurant websites, and Shop DTLB, an online directory with links to Downtown retail store websites.”

Mayne added, “I love DLBA, especially what we do for Downtown small businesses. Every single member of my team here has an incredible passion for their job. They want what is best for this community. Knowing that the organization I work for — and my role in it — helps make an impact for local small businesses means a lot.”

When it’s time to relax and get some fresh air, Mayne and her partner like to take their cat Gilbert on walks, so if you see two people at the Pie Bar or the Downtown Waterfront pushing a custom cat stroller with Gilbert in it, say hello. “We have two cats,” said Mayne, “but only Gilbert gets to go on adventures.”