Representing a community of nearly 5,000 stakeholders that spans from residents to businesses and property owners, the DLBA has largely been known as a business group of “associates”—antithetical to what it actually does.

The DLBA’s evolution and growth has made it a community-driven organization with a vast network of involvement. focuses on a variety of core functions: advocacy, marketing and special events; business recruitment, retention and job creation; activating the public realm to emphasizing cleanliness and safety that ensures a quality of life for thousands. The DLBA is a full-service Downtown management and leadership organization made up of a team of community members that foster partnerships.

This is the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA).

“With the many changes and progress occurring in our Downtown, we believe there’s no better time to engage in a rebranding campaign than now,” said Kraig Kojian, President and CEO of the DLBA. “The Alliance is a proud reflection of the many relationships we have developed in our community, collaborated with partners, aligned with causes and connected various resources. The results we have accomplished and will continue to achieve should better reflect our name. We believe if you’re an ally of Downtown, we’re an ally of yours.”

The rebranding of the DLBA—from its new name and logo to its upcoming website—revolves around the idea that there is only one Downtown.

“We realize that we are the central connection to what’s happening in Downtown and our new website will reflect that,” said Gina Dartt, Special Events & Marketing Manager at the DLBA. “Our new landing page will offer something for everyone, whether you’re a visitor, a resident, a business owner or investor.”

The new logo, designed by Commune Communications, will be formally used by the organization come October 1. Meanwhile, the DLBA’s new website, currently under construction and created by Departure, will debut before the end of the year.