Thanks to a development collaboration between DLBA, The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s office and the Long Beach Police Department, the LBPD has implemented an effective tool which serves to deter trespassers in the Downtown.

Listed as 602(o)PC in the California Penal Code, the No Trespassing Program allows property owners or their agents to give the LBPD the authority to warn, cite or arrest trespassers at the responding officer’s discretion, even if the owner or agent is not on the premises at the time.

“Prior to the No Trespassing Program, we frequently heard concerns about vandalism and loitering during early morning hours from business and property owners, making it difficult for them to be on site to identify suspects or speak with police,” commented DLBA COO Broc Coward.

To enroll in the program, a property owner or agent will contact their LBPD division’s Patrol Resource Officer (see contact information below) and complete three steps:

1) Fill out and sign a “Request for Service” form, 2) Purchase and post authorized “No Trespassing” signs (sold ONLY at two Ace Hardware locations: 746 E. 4th St and 2720 E. Anaheim St. for approximately $10) and 3) submit the completed form to the Patrol Resource Officer, along with verification that the signs have been posted.

Once enrolled, LBPD officers can verify participation online. The “Request for Service” form is valid for one year. Participants can re-enroll or withdraw from the program by contacting the Patrol Resource Officer.

“This program has been a strong deterrent, especially in areas where we’ve had a lot of issues in the past,” said LBPD Officer Mark Mesun, South Division Patrol Resource Officer and Lead Project Coordinator for the No Trespassing Program. “It seems the word got out: people aren’t hanging out as much,” added Mesun.

To enroll or for additional questions or concerns, contact your local Patrol Resource Officer:

(562) 570-7566

(562) 570-5812

(562) 570-9827

(562) 570-3462