Meet DLBA Committee Member John Tully, Co-Owner and CEO of Pedal Movement LLC, the company that operates the Long Beach Bikeshare Program and several other bike-related services in the city. As a member of DLBA’s Placemaking Committee, Tully is intent on helping activate diverse Downtown spaces, and providing sustainable ways to get to them.

“I’ve always been impressed by the progressive action of DLBA. We share an interest in helping support a more sustainable and liveable Downtown,” said Tully. “Serving on the Placemaking Committee gives me an opportunity to provide strategies, and a voice for underrepresented communities. We are working on ways to increase the accessibility of Downtown public spaces, taking into account the diversity of Downtown’s social and cultural fabric.”

Tully, who grew up in North Long Beach, connected with bicycles early in life; As a boy, he spent long hours exploring the city by bike, bus, or skateboard. The only rule he had to follow was getting home before the streetlights came on.

Years later, as a student at Long Beach Poly High School, Tully was already thinking about business, enrolling in the Pacific Rim Business Academy and the Pacific Gateway Youth Workforce Program. “My most influential learning experience, though, was landing a job at a bicycle shop in Bixby Knolls, where I learned everything I could about bikes, and soaked up everything I could about business,” he said.

In 2016, Tully co-founded Pedal Movement, the company which has become intertwined with the sustainable transportation movement in Long Beach. In addition to the Bikeshare Program, Pedal Movement operates the GoActiveLB Hub Downtown bicycle commuter facility, rents bikes on the beach, provides free bike parking at events, and hosts educational programming. “At the end of the day,” said Tully, “we help support sustainable transportation efforts any way we can.

“As cities become more densely populated, it’s crucial for city governments to make drastic changes to the way people move,” Tully continued. “A big part of that is encouraging residents to ditch their car and use multi-module transportation. By providing educational programs, along with alternative transportation options through micro-mobility, Pedal Movement is constantly contributing to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable Downtown.”

One of Tully’s favorite ways to recharge after a long week is recreating in the outdoors. He spends lots of time traveling to international rock climbing, mountaineering, and skiing destinations. “Lately,” he said, “I have been thoroughly enjoying backcountry skiing, where I spend all morning climbing up my favorite ski route, then enjoying those magical moments of skiing back down.”

Tully encourages other Downtown stakeholders to get involved with DLBA’s Committees. “Downtown Long Beach is a singular place,” he said. “By participating in Committee meetings, making suggestions to Committee Members, or simply providing resources for our various projects, stakeholders can make a huge positive impact on Downtown through DLBA.”