Cheryl Roberts, who recently joined the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA)’s Board of Directors, brings a wealth of city-centered experience to the table; As Senior Regional Property Manager for the company SITE Centers, she is charged with oversight of a huge property in the Downtown Waterfront which contains The Pike Outlets, along with the Cinemark Movie Theater, The Laff Stop, and several restaurants. In addition, she manages seven other properties located outside of Long Beach.

Roberts is eager to learn from her fellow Board Members, and is ready to add her voice to the Downtown discussion. “My main objective is to assist in creating and maintaining the viability of Long Beach’s seaside retail and dining sector,” she said, “but I feel that it is important for the entire Downtown community to work together in order to succeed and grow in a safe and healthy environment.”

Born in Long Beach, Roberts grew up in the South Bay. She returned to Long Beach to earn a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). She received several certifications from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), which is now known as Innovating Commerce Serving Communities.

Fellow Downtown property manager Debra Fixen was instrumental in getting Roberts interested in joining the Board. “Debra is Director of Property Management for Pacific Ocean Management/Shoreline Village Enterprises,” explained Roberts. “I had a great conversation with her in which we discussed several operational issues that we had in common.” Their chat segued to discussing the DLBA. Fixen, who was serving as a Board Member and Chair Elect, told Roberts all about the assistance DLBA provides to Downtown businesses.

As DLBA’s Property-Based Improvement District (PBID) renewal approaches, Roberts is tuned in. “The PBID renewal is very important to address the various challenges that Downtown Long Beach is encountering,” she said. “These include providing assistance to address the unhoused community, the need for increased safety measures, amenities such as the Ambassador program to welcome tourists and visitors, and the continued need for street and walkway cleaning and repairs.”

Roberts’ job can be very stressful at times. She counters it with lots of workouts, training at Iconix Fitness in Belmont Shore, and at Guv’nors Boxing Club on Anaheim Street in Cambodia Town. She also enjoys relaxing at her favorite local restaurants. “I love dining out, in Downtown and all across the city,” she said.