Shoegazing staples DIIV and Nothing will invade DTLB for Summer and Music (SAM) ‘s inaugural Shugazi event, set to take place Friday, August 12 from 6PM to 10PM on the Downtown Long Beach Courtyard Marriott rooftop. Tickets for the event, set at $15, are on sale.

Shugazi is SAM’s not-so-subtle nod to shoegaze music, the Brit-based sound that started with motionless performers mixing dream pop with alt rock and resulting in bands like My Blood Valentine, Slowdive, and Cocteau Twins becoming major chart topping artists in the UK. With a rooftop setting for the music and a bar hosted by James Republic, the event is set to be one of the most unique in SAM history.

“We weren’t kidding when we said earlier this year that this event was inspired by overhearing someone say that we should do something that’s a bit shoegaze-y,” said SAM organizer Rand Foster. “Being able to book talent like DIIV and Nothing, the bands we were listening to when we came up with the idea, and to bring them to Long Beach, made Shugazi something we had to take on.”

Brooklyn-based DIIV burst onto the music scene with critical acclaim surrounding their debut album Oshin, a direct reflection of shoegaze sensibility: melodic dream pop carried by masterful guitar work, earning the album countless mentions on Top 10 lists across the globe.

Philly quartet Nothing may have their roots in punk but their style is nothing short of springtime shoegaze, complete with dreamy melodies and lyrics that harken to their more boisterous roots.

Joining DIIV and Nothing will be DJ Gabrielle Costa (of the DIY scene staple Dream Wave in Los Angeles) who will be providing additional tunes at Shugazi, taking place on Friday, August 12, from 6PM to 10PM on the parking lot rooftop of the Courtyard Marriott in DTLB (500 E 1st St). Tickets for the event are available at: summerandmusic.brownpapertickets.com/. Tickets are also available at Fingerprints (420 E 4th St.) for cash only.

For more information about SAM, visit: www.summerandmusic.com.