Construction Activity – Four Week Look Ahead

  • Locations & Type of Construction Activity:
    • Cat tracking and striping followed by bike lane bollard installation as well as parking meters
    • Traffic control. This traffic control will restrict the entire corridor to one lane only during construction hours but will open up to two lanes during non-construction hours.
    • Work will begin on Broadway near the 710, heading east, & on 3rd Street near Alamitos, heading west.
  • Construction Hours: 7:00 am to 4:00 PM 
  • Impacts:
    • Lane restrictions:
      • Only one lane will be available during construction hours and on 3/4/19
      • Two lines will be available throughout the length of the project during non-construction hours.
      • Parking will be available in the coned areas where construction is not occurring. This will not be advertised. Parking is allowed overnight however, vehicles must clear out by 7:00AM
      • Once parking meters are installed, parking enforcement will resume
    • The bike lane is closed
    • Pedestrian access is 100% and detours are provided (w/ flagman in some cases) where construction activities necessitate a closure of the sidewalk.
    • Temporary Bus stops are in operation.
  • The Contractor is currently trying to complete striping by end of March. (Weather permitting)

To learn more about the project visit For questions and concerns call the City of Long Beach Public Works hotline (562) 463-4465.