With 20 years of professional event planning experience under his belt, Robert Marquez is well suited to serve on the Downtown Long Beach Alliance’s (DLBA) Special Events and Sponsorship Committee.

Marquez co-owns Grey LB, a Downtown multi-purpose events space and photography studio. He also works as Director of Client Experiences at Choura Events. He plays a similar role in both situations, producing and hosting events, “curating experiences for all walks of life,” as he describes it.

“I love to partner with the community,” Marquez continued. “Running a small business, I am fully aware that the people around me are what makes Downtown thrive. Just by being close to everyday folks, I was inspired to join DLBA’s Special Events and Sponsorship Committee and do what I can to help build a stronger community.”

Raised in Norwalk, Marquez moved to Pacoima in his early teens with his parents — both Pastors — then moved around a bit more, all while receiving a mix of private and homeschooling.

“I have three brothers, so my Mother had her hands full,” he said.

After graduating in 2002 from New Harvest, a private Christian school, he went straight to work, acquiring experience in the events field. Ten years ago, he moved to Long Beach.

“Good weather plus great location equals sustainable events in Long Beach,” said Marquez. “We are currently witnessing the tail end of the pandemic and the full resurgence of live events in Downtown.”

Marquez and the other members of the Special Events and Sponsorship Committee are fully engaged in supporting DLBA sponsored events, including volunteering to assist in all three installments of the popular culinary event Taste of Downtown.

He encourages Downtown businesses and residents to get involved with DLBA and consider joining one of our committees. “Get to know your neighbors, grab a drink, share a morning coffee — just start somewhere,” said Marquez. “There is enough food on the plate for us all to eat, so pull up a chair!”

In his down time, Marquez loves capturing moments through photography and film. He also enjoys sharing food and drink with friends. His favorite off-work pursuit is spending time with his kids. “I have two little daughters and I love seeing them grow up,” he said. “Zoe and Sky are the best to hang around with.”