Amy Chambers serves on the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA)’s Marketing and Communications Programming Committee. She brings a tremendous positive energy to the Downtown scene. A professional career and personal life coach who is also a motivational speaker, author, and business consultant, Chambers’ background is a great fit with DLBA, an organization dedicated to the growth and development of Downtown Long Beach. “My passion is helping both individuals and companies achieve goals and create exactly the results they want in every area,” she said. 

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Chambers began her college education at the University of Notre Dame, where she earned a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. She then moved out to Los Angeles to earn her master’s degree in Business Administration from Notre Dame’s archrival, the University of Southern California. 

After moving back east to pursue a 21-year career in the financial services industry, working for multiple banks and credit unions, Chambers ventured into the world of career and personal life coaching. The experience she has acquired in this realm includes group training in all topics related to “leadership, talent, people, culture, business, and success,” she explained. 

Chambers had fallen in love with Long Beach while visiting the city for a job interview in 2007.
“I just knew I had to live here eventually,” she said. “I ended up returning to the west coast, living in a few other southern California cities before making my way to Long Beach in 2013. It’s the most wonderful place to work, live, and play.

“I joined DLBA’s Marketing and Communications Programming Committee because I very much want others to know, see, and feel what I feel about Long Beach,” Chambers continued. “I would like to help ensure that we can educate the public on who DLBA is, and what we do. Also, I want everyone in Long Beach to know the variety of opportunities that are taking place in this community.”

Chambers is delighted to see the relief and excitement in Downtown business owners and their employees who are back at work and able to interface safely with the public again. At the same time, she is impressed with how proficient her colleagues became with technology while communicating and doing business on digital platforms during the pandemic. 

“People of all backgrounds and ages have begun to find innovative solutions through technology,” she said. “We are constantly thinking outside the box now about how to connect people — even when we’re not face to face — to encourage dialogue, interaction, awareness, and education. DBLA is no exception to this.”

A hobbyist who pursues her off-work interests with the same zeal she brings to DLBA Committee meetings, Chambers is a photographer, scrapbooker, tennis player, rollerblader, skier, and cyclist. “I am also a major theme park junkie,” she said. “I adore rollercoaster and waterslide parks, and visit several each year.” 

Chambers’ main hobby, though, is running. Though she has only been running seriously for six years, she has logged over 10,000 miles, 11 full marathons (including the Madrid Marathon, pictured), and 177 half marathons. “I love to travel,” she said,”and I aspire to run a half or full marathon in all 50 states. It is lovely being able to combine my desire to see the entire United States with my goal of running in new places.”