Jesus Landeros and Frankie Silva

The vigilant and hard-working members of the Downtown Long Beach Alliance’s (DLBA) Clean and Safe Teams can be seen on the streets seven days a week, providing services which are essential for the appeal and positive energy of Downtown.

This quarter, DLBA recognizes Frankie Silva and Jesus Landeros, two Team Members who pour their efforts into helping Downtown Long Beach as it moves on from the pandemic and into a vibrant new era.

Frankie Silva

“Rejuvenated” is how Clean Team Member Frankie Silva describes the current atmosphere in Downtown. Silva works on Clean Team Special Projects, driving a truck to help move bulk items, assisting with set-ups at live events, and working on Downtown landscaping, which is especially dear to his heart.

Silva was born in Long Beach and is a graduate of Wilson High School. Soon after leaving Wilson, he worked for the Clean Team before moving on to join the Conservation Corps of Long Beach, performing duties similar to the ones he did for DLBA.

Not long after his stint with the Conservation Corps, Silva rejoined the Clean Team and witnessed the drastic changes Downtown went through during the pandemic and civil unrest of 2020. Based on recent observations, Silva is optimistic about Downtown’s full recovery.

“Foot traffic is back up,” he said. “Downtown feels alive again. People on the street are glad to see it. It’s a very welcoming and accepting community.”

Silva envisions a future for himself which includes lots of nature and plants, such as working in a parks and recreation department or perhaps a nursery. Right now, he is fully engaged in gaining experience and knowledge by being an active force in the beautification of Downtown Long Beach.

An avid musician, Silva likes to relax by playing the guitar, bass, and a few other instruments. “I like to spend time jamming,” he said. “I tend to gravitate to classic rock and blues.” He also loves camping.

Jesus Landeros

Safe Team Member Jesus Landeros is also a product of the Moore League; He graduated from Millikan High School after moving to Long Beach from Torrance. He has been working the Safe Team evening shift five days a week for the past year, patrolling one of four Downtown routes on a bike or Segway.

“Our primary duty as Safe Team Members is to provide safety for Downtown residents — street residents as well,” said Landeros. Safe Team members, who are licensed security guards, have been trained to administer their duties in an “observe and report” mode.

Landeros is confident about the Safe Team’s contribution to Downtown. “The service and safety we provide are things I would like myself if I were a Downtown resident or visitor,” he said.

When he’s not working, Landeros continues to pursue his health care-related ambitions. He is a Certified Medical Assistant, and he hopes to return to school to become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse. He is just about finished binge-watching “Chicago Med,” a fictional show with intense real-life scenarios.

Landeros is a big fan of Downtown, encouraging folks to partake of its uniqueness. “I could describe it, but the vibe of Downtown is best experienced in person,” he said. “I can tell you from first-hand observation that people are eager to come back and experience Downtown Long Beach the way it used to be.”