Clean and Safe Team Members Torrance Thortan and Amanda Reyes have earned the distinction of being named Employees of the Quarter by the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) and its partner, Block by Block. Both Team Members have displayed determination, diligence, and diplomacy in Downtown during these tumultuous times.

Clean Team Member Thortan’s knack for cleanliness helped him earn an Employee of the Quarter recognition after only five months on the job. “My mission each day is to make a difference, whether I’m making a walkway look better or helping a person in need,” said Thortan. “Helping others allows you to feel the love in Downtown Long Beach.”

Torrance Thortan and Amanda Reyes

Thortan was born in Chicago but spent most of his life here in Long Beach with his family. His ultimate career goal is to find a place in the entertainment business, particularly in the realms of fashion and music. The physical nature of his Clean and Safe Team job keeps him slim and trim, which “helps me get closer to my dream,” he said. “Pushing that large brute of a trash can in the heat, up hills, and or even just on a normal stroll will help you shed pounds and look fashion-ready.”

An avid computer coder, Thortan is fascinated by the design of apps and websites and spends lots of down time investigating the latest internet technology trends. He is also educating himself in the finer points of real estate with hopes of cultivating multiple income streams.

As one of six siblings growing up with her family in Mexico, Safety Ambassador Amanda Reyes learned very young about real-time problem solving, an ability that serves her well in her duties as Safety Ambassador and as someone who aspires to a career in law enforcement.

“Being a Safety Ambassador has opened a lot of doors and allowed me to see how our Downtown community operates,” said Reyes. “From making contact in Downtown with everyone from business owners and employees to visitors and people experiencing homelessness, my work experience has made me realize that no matter what is going on in the world, someone will always need a helping hand.”

Reyes has several activities she enjoys doing after work to relax and unwind. “Studying can be soothing,” she said. “Reading an interesting story can send my mind into another world. I love spending time with my close friends and family. I also have two hobbies: playing video games and painting. They help me stay focused and positive.”

Both of these Employees of the Quarter radiate gratitude about their opportunities to keep Downtown Long Beach clean and safe. “Being outdoors and helping maintain the streets of the town I was raised in has been an amazing experience so far,” said Thortan. Reyes echoed that sentiment. “For me, it’s never about the money,” she said. “When someone walks by and thanks me, that’s what I do it for. That one ‘thank you’ can make a stressful moment or day just vanish. That is what keeps me motivated.”