Clean and Safe Team employees Francisco Bautista and Ethen Hazelton have been recognized by the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) for their excellent work during a time when the words “clean” and “safe” have taken on new meanings. As members of the DLBA Clean and Safe Team, they are key players in the continued maintenance and stewardship of Downtown Long Beach in a period of unprecedented challenges.

Francisco Bautista

“I love my role,” said Bautista, the Clean Team Employee of the Quarter, “because every day is different and it keeps me busy at all times.”

Bautista commutes to Long Beach from Wilmington, where he lives with his mother and two brothers. When he’s not busy on the Downtown streets, he likes working on cars and listening to all kinds of music.

Long Beach is fortunate that Bautista, who aspires to eventually become a member of the United States armed forces, is channeling his service inclinations into keeping Downtown attractive and inviting.

Hazelton, the Safe Team Employee of the Quarter, was born and raised in Long Beach. He enjoys his role as an ambassador in Downtown and sees himself moving into a management-level position in the security industry.

Ethen Hazelton

“What drives me to serve my community is the positive words from everyone while I do my route,” said Hazelton, who likes to unwind by listening to music and riding his mountain bike through the forest.

DLBA congratulates Francisco and Ethen for their dedicated service. Their diligent work is essential in helping Downtown Long Beach continue to thrive.