Thanks to a development collaboration between DLBA, The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s office and the Long Beach Police Department, the LBPD has implemented an effective tool which serves to deter trespassers in the Downtown.

Listed as 602(o)PC in the California Penal Code, the No Trespassing Program allows property owners or their agents to give the LBPD the authority to warn, cite or arrest trespassers at the responding officer’s discretion, even if the owner or agent is not on the premises at the time.

“Prior to the No Trespassing Program, we frequently heard concerns about vandalism and loitering during early morning hours from business and property owners, making it difficult for them to be on site to identify suspects or speak with police,” commented DLBA COO Broc Coward.

To enroll in the program, a property owner or agent will contact their LBPD division’s Patrol Resource Officer (see contact information below) and complete three steps:

1) Fill out and sign a “Request for Service” form, 2) Purchase and post authorized “No Trespassing” signs (sold ONLY at two Ace Hardware locations: 746 E. 4th St and 2720 E. Anaheim St. for approximately $10) and 3) submit the completed form to the Patrol Resource Officer, along with verification that the signs have been posted.

Once enrolled, LBPD officers can verify participation online. The “Request for Service” form is valid for one year. Participants can re-enroll or withdraw from the program by contacting the Patrol Resource Officer.

“This program has been a strong deterrent, especially in areas where we’ve had a lot of issues in the past,” said LBPD Officer Mark Mesun, South Division Patrol Resource Officer and Lead Project Coordinator for the No Trespassing Program. “It seems the word got out: people aren’t hanging out as much,” added Mesun.

To enroll or for additional questions or concerns, contact your local Patrol Resource Officer:

(562) 570-7566

(562) 570-5812

(562) 570-9827

(562) 570-3462


The highly mobile Downtown Long Beach Alliance Information kiosk, featured recently in this newsletter, now has a small but mighty cousin in the heart of Downtown, just outside the Long Beach Transit Information Center.  

Designed by the DLBA’s Community Outreach Manager Steve Be Cotte in partnership with Long Beach fabricator Mark Shutts, the sturdy new mini-kiosk is staffed by a DLBA Clean and Safe Team member who has maps, transit schedules and event information at his or her disposal.  

“The Transit Information Center mini-kiosk will assist persons traveling to Downtown with information about the DLBA, our events and the Safety Escort Program,” said Be Cotte.  “The kiosk was designed to be highly visible. The Clean and Safe Team hosts will have the same resources at their fingertips as our Downtown Ambassadors.”  

Long Beach Transit contracts with the DLBA to maintain the restrooms at its Transit Information Center on First Street near Pine Avenue.  The Clean and Safe Team members who keep the restrooms looking immaculate for twenty-two out of twenty-four hours per day will also spend time behind the kiosk, engaging Downtown visitors when they are not servicing the restrooms. It is a natural fit for the restroom hosts, who are often approached by visitors with questions about Downtown and its businesses or attractions. “The kiosk provides a focal point for visitors and stakeholders, inviting them to ask a question or pick up a map,” remarked Be Cotte. 

The DLBA utilized colorful and punchy nylon-wrap graphics on the front and sides of the kiosk, bringing attention to upcoming Downtown events and helping create a welcoming atmosphere for Downtown pedestrians.  

The mini-kiosk is yet another means by which the DLBA can put the whole spectrum of Downtown resources and attractions on display.  

Why are DLBA’s Clean and Safe Team Members Always on their Phones?

Smartphones are often derided for being an easy and compulsive distraction in the workplace, and a hindrance to productivity.  In fact, smartphone technology has become a primary driver in workplace effectiveness. Such is the case with DLBA’s Clean and Safe Team, whose reach and influence have increased exponentially through the use of smartphones as an indispensable tool.    

Clean and Safe Team members use their work-assigned phones to record data and report issues outside of the Team’s expertise and contribute data to 30 different metrics which are tracked by the DLBA staff. “Use of technology to improve our effectiveness is part of DLBA’s strategic plan ‘Vision 2020’ and provides another means for Downtown stakeholders to measure our performance,” said Broc Coward, Chief Operating Officer of the DLBA.

Over the course of a Clean and Safe Team member’s work week, he or she will contribute data to such categories as the amount of trash Clean Team members have collected (over 30,000 pounds since last October), hospitality assists (close to 14,000 so far in this fiscal year) and Team contacts with Downtown businesses (10,686 this year, as of this article’s publication).  The data is displayed on DLBA’s website and Public Safety Committee community dashboard on a monthly basis.

Clean and Safe Team member data is downloaded automatically to a database, where DLBA looks for trends in incidents and other activities to determine where and when to deploy resources. Information is shared daily with select city personnel as a means of supporting our common goals and functions in the community.  

DLBA’s Homeless Outreach Specialist and Safety Ambassadors collect information related to their contacts with persons experiencing homelessness. Information on those contacts is sent out nightly, with a weekly summary of our Top 5 most vulnerable included in the Friday report. 

By studying the compiled data and by observing their physical routes (the phones are equipped with GPS technology), the DLBA can gauge the effectiveness of various Clean and Safe Team efficiencies and endeavors.

In addition to helping identify trends and possible areas for improvement, the teams’ smartphone technology is also used to communicate immediate issues. For instance, if a team member reports a broken street pole banner, an email notification will automatically be sent to DLBA Placemaking Manager Mariah Hoffman who can then decide to engage the City or a third party to address the problem.

Whether evaluating effectiveness or sharing information with its partners, DLBA’s Clean and Safe Team has embraced the use of technology in their daily activities, resulting in a better product for Downtown stakeholders. As DLBA continues to refine the types and use of data collected, it looks for opportunities to achieve even greater efficiency without compromising effectiveness. “Work smarter, not just harder” is a mantra at DLBA reflected in the Clean and Safe Team’s approach to every facet of their role in keeping the Downtown attractive, safe and inviting to stakeholders and visitors alike.

Click on the following links to learn more about DLBA’s Clean and Safe program or to join the Team



DLBA Information Kiosk Serves Up Downtown Hospitality

There are so many information and navigation apps available on smartphones these days—but sometimes, instead of chatting with Siri, it’s nice to get the lowdown from a real human being.  

This is the purpose of the eye-catching and inviting DLBA Information Kiosk, a mobile, high-tech welcome wagon which will be appearing in high pedestrian traffic areas throughout Downtown during the spring and summer months, helping promote the multi-faceted appeal of Downtown Long Beach.

Staffed by a DLBA Clean and Safe Team Safety Ambassador and sporting multi-colored LED lights, a smartphone charging station, a video screen and speakers, the Kiosk looks a bit like an ice cream stand—which is appropriate, since it serves up the scoop on downtown events and attractions.  

The Kiosk has been a hit with downtown visitors and stakeholders during its appearance at such events as Trick Or Treat On The Promenade, Buskerfest and Live After 5.  This year, the Kiosk will appear in daily four-hour shifts Thursday through Sunday, rolling up at various locations on Pine Avenue, The Promenade, the Courthouse, The Loop on Ocean Boulevard, and even as far east as Bixby Park’s Farmers Market to encourage more visitors from surrounding neighborhoods to visit Downtown.  

Visitors to the Kiosk can expect a warm welcome from a knowledgeable Safety Ambassador who will be happy to help them navigate Downtown and supply them with maps and event fliers.  

“At MADE we encounter so many visitors to Downtown seeking directions and advice on where to go,” said Heather Kern, General Manager and Dream Facilitator at MADE by Millworks, the popular gift shop/art gallery/event space on Pine Avenue. “The DLBA Information Kiosk can pop up where there will be critical mass on any given day. We LOVE the Kiosk and all of the downtown guides,” Kern said.  

Keep an eye out for the DLBA Information Kiosk when you’re Downtown at a DLBA or community sponsored event.  Check in with the DLBA Safety Ambassador and discover even more new things to love about Downtown Long Beach.  

To learn more about the Clean Team and Safety Ambassador program, visit Clean and Safe services. To reach the Clean Team or Safety Ambassador Team, please call (562) 244-1365.  

DLBA is Conducting its Third Annual Public Safety Survey

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The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) is a community-based organization responsible for managing Downtown’s two business improvement districts. DLBA is conducting its third annual public safety survey to gather data on the perception of general public safety and overall individual experiences in Downtown. Your participation in this survey will provide us critical information of where to focus our efforts to ensure Downtown’s success and continued improvement for the benefit of residents, business owners and visitors.

We would appreciate it if you could complete the web-based survey, which should take less than 10 minutes. As a token of our appreciation for your time, your email address will be entered into a drawing to win either a $100, $75, or $25 gift card for use at a Downtown Long Beach business.

Once you have completed the survey, you will be prompted to enter your email address, which makes you eligible for the drawing. Winners will be notified by DLBA once the survey period is closed and entries are processed.

All information that you provide is strictly anonymous. No individual responses will be identified. Please contact Austin Metoyer, DLBA Economic Development & Policy Manager, at austinm@dlba.org should you have any questions.

The survey will close on Monday, April 22 at 11:59PM PST. For your convenience, the survey is provided in web-based format and can be accessed by choosing one of the answer choices below.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in this important project to improve our Downtown.


Survey Link >

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DLBA Clean and Safe Team Employees of the Quarter

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The DLBA has selected two hard-working and positive family folks as its January-through-March Clean and Safe Team Employees of the Quarter;  Martha Harvey, six-month member of the Clean Team who has three children and 13 Grand-kids, and Walter Welch of the Safe Team, whose stated goal is to “grow old and have a happy family” along with his father, step-mother, son and daughter.

Martha’s Clean Team duties include sweeping Downtown streets, graffiti removal, and assisting with the removal of bulk trash items.  On the Safe Team side, Walter is a goodwill ambassador who helps locals and tourists, and as a holder of a California Guard Card, offers a trained set of eyes and ears looking out for Downtown.

These two award winners have started the year off admirably, doing what DLBA Community Outreach Manager Steve Be Cotte describes as “very hard jobs.  They’re out there performing their duties whether it’s raining or 105 degrees, and everything in between. It takes a pretty special person to want to do that.”  

Martha was born in Mississippi and raised in Long Beach along with 14 brothers and sisters. Her aim in life is to “be the best that I can be.”   “I love everything about my job,” said Martha,“from interacting with all the merchants and residents to cleaning up the streets of Long Beach.”  Martha combines a no-nonsense work ethic with good-natured compassion:  “Come to work on time and treat people the way you would like to be treated,” she said.  

Walter spent his very early life in Hawaiian Gardens and has lived in Long Beach for over 30 years. “Stay Positive!” is Walter’s mantra.  “Even in situations where it doesn’t look too great, Stay Positive,” he said.  “I like walking around meeting new people, greeting them and helping them,” said Walter.  “I love my co-workers and the wonderful environment they have brought to the office.” Next time you’re in Downtown Long Beach, keep an eye out for the Clean and Safe Teams, those fine people in the red polo shirts who bring so much positive energy and optimism to the DTLB scene.  They would love your encouragement.