It is with pride and exuberance that we announce we broke a record: an estimated 3,900 people attended this year’s Taste of Downtown event on Pine Avenue with an economic return of over $100,000, making it our most attended and successful Taste event ever.

On average, each attendee spent $26, making the return on investment (ROI) for every DLBA dollar spent $19.00. In addition, the average rating for the event was 7.9, with suggestions that the event have Pine Avenue closed off (which we have heard loud and clear and will be configuring for possible implementation next year).

Some other cool facts:

  • 23% of the attendees heard about the event through Facebook alone and 20% heard about the event through word-of-mouth. Oh, and the Long Beach Post? They were responsible for 16% of our attendees since that’s the amount of people who heard of the event through their website.
  • 45% of the attendees lived outside of DTLB.
  • 72% of the attendees have attended a Taste of Downtown event in the past.