The every-now-and-then bottle releases at Beachwood’s The Blendery will no longer be the only way you can access the famed brewery’s dive into sour beers as its tasting room on Long Beach Blvd. will now officially be open on weekends to let your taste buds pucker up to the craft.

This past weekend marked the brewery’s introduction of its Single Barrel Experiment Series (along with continuing the release of its Propagation Series bottles), where pineapple- and cranberry-inspired sour kegs were tapped.

For Beachwood owner Gabe Gordon, head brewmaster Julian Schrago, and Blendery’s Barrelmaster Ryan Fields (the man behind Pizza Port’s initial success), there is a certain magical aura about Belgian sour beers: tart, flavorful, forthright in their character, some have tried to mimic the classical style but have failed in perfecting the beer.

Does this mean DTLB will be home to the most krieky of kriek lambics and the geuziest of geuzes this side of Brussels? Not quite, especially given those names are designated terms protected by the EU, much like bourbon in the US—but it will make DTLB the geuziest of places outside of Belgium. Per usual the Beachwood way, the team will be using using the Belgian tradition as a guide but not a marker, incorporating local non-traditional ingredients and barreling processes. This means eschewing typical sour flavors like cherry or blackberry in favor of things like the aforementioned pineapple.

On top of just good ol’ “artful bières,” as The Blendery describes their brews (harkening to the Belgian guezes that The Blendery attempts to create with a barrel room that mimics the temperature and humidity of a barrel room directly in Belgium), they will serve Beermosas. Yes, a beermosa is exactly what you think it is: the tang of a sour beer (much like that of champagne), mixed with OJ.

The Blendery is now open every Saturday from 2PM to 9PM and every Sunday from noon to 6PM. Go get your sour on, Long Beach!

The Blendery is located at 247 Long Beach Blvd.