Downtown Long Beach
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Clean & Safe Communications


Whose Job Is It?
A handy one-page PDF providing resources to report nuisances to the appropriate City offices.

Clean and Safe Brochure
A PDF version of a print brochure that provides an overview of the Clean and Safe Program.

Click Here to Download the Clean and Safe Brochure or pick up a hard copy at the DLBA Office.

Empower People - Say NO to Panhandling
A PDF version of a print brochure that provides an overview of the City of Long Beach's panhandling ordinance. Click Here to Download the Empower People - Say No to Panhandling Brochure or pick up a hard copy at the DLBA Office.

National Bike Registry
Since 1984, NBR has been helping identify and return stolen bikes (and scooters) to their rightful owners. More than 48% of stolen bicycles are recovered every year by law enforcement, but only  5% are returned since they have no way to determine ownership. When a bicycle is labeled and registered in the NBR database, it can be easily identified by police and returned to its rightful owner. The NBR computer database is dedicated exclusively to bicycle registrations and is available FREE to law enforcement nationwide.

Click Here to register online, register by phone at 800-848-BIKE or print the registration form from the website and return it, with your check, to the National Bike Registry. 

Community Watch
Community Watch is a crime prevention program that involves all aspects of the community working together and assisting law enforcement to discourage crime. A passionate and organized Community Watch Group (CWG) can make a significant difference in the prevention and reduction of crime in their neighborhood.

The Downtown Long Beach Associates, in coordination with the Long Beach Police Department, developed this Starter Kit to make it as easy as possible to organize a CWG in your neighborhood. Please contact Steve Be Cotte, Residential Coordinator at 562-436-4259 to schedule a meeting to start the process of setting up your own CWG.

Click Here to download the Community Watch Starter Kit.

Graffiti or Potholes? Long Beach has an App for that!
Reporting graffiti or a pothole just got much easier, with the launch of "GO LONG BEACH," Long Beach’s new iPhone/Smart Phone application. The application allows users to upload a photo of graffiti, sidewalk damage, or potholes, and then uses GPS tracking technology to instantly report the location of the issue.

Download "GO LONG BEACH" for iPhones by clicking here.

Download "GO LONG BEACH" for Android Phones by clicking here.

Get news, stories, alerts, events, photos and videos on your smart. Interactive features allow individuals to review crime statistics and submit a tip.

Download "GO LBPD" for iPhones by clicking here

Download "GO LBPD" for Android Phones by clicking here.

Receive important, real time alerts from Long Beach Police Department and Long Beach Fire Department. Road closures, traffic issues, missing persons, or dangerous suspects. If you work in Long Beach but live in another community, you can sign up for alerts from both.

For more information - click here. is a free, private, social network for you, your neighbors and community. Every neighbor must verify their address in order to join. Join today, because when neighbors start talking, good things happen.

Build a stronger neighborhood - Connect with your neighbors to stay informed and share useful local information.

Keep the neighborhood safe - Look out for each other and send updates to keep the neighborhood safe.

Share goods and recommendations - Find a great babysitter or trusty dentist. Borrow a ladder or sell that old bookcase.

Important Phone Numbers & Links
Click Here for Who to Call in the Long Beach Police Department.


Public Safety Committee
The aim of the Public Safety Committee is to improve communications and ensure that Downtown Long Beach remains one of the safest Downtowns in California. Please call Tony Kaforski, Clean and Safe Manager at 562.485.3133 or visit the meetings and agenda page to verify the schedule.

Downtown Security Alliance
A monthly networking and educational meeting of Downtown’s private security providers. This meeting takes place the third Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m. at various locations. Please call 562-436-4259 for information on the next meeting.

LBPD West Division Quarterly Leadership Forum 
LBPD West Division Commander Robert Smith and and the Patrol Resource Officers provide updates on crime statistics, home and personal safety and crime prevention.

For further information please contact, Neighborhood Services Specialist Jose Vazquez, at 562/570-3461 or via email

Community Watch Meeting
To join the next Community Watch Meeting, please call Steve Be Cotte, Community Outreach Manager at 562.485.3137.

Dining & Entertainment District
For businesses with entertainment licenses and also residents within the Entertainment District–bounded by the north side of Ocean Boulevard, the south side of Third Street, the east side of Pacific Avenue, and the west side of Long Beach Boulevard, and the areas known as the Pike at Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village.

For more information about anything on this page, please contact the DLBA office via phone at 562.436.4259 or e-mail.